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26 August 2006

Toys from the Net

Ok, I know some of you have an interest in running some diesel vehicle off veggie oil (will hemp oil work?) etc... but don't want huge semi... how about a motorcycle? Then again you might prefer an electric or the t-rex

Or perhaps you would like to walk on water like a hamster?

How about a radio-controlled helicopter that suggests kids age 18+

Or maybe you want to pretend to be a security guard?

Wonder if this would work with our foodsaver... Kahlua bag, here I come

How about a coffee table for all you ravers, and Dino

Would you like to make your own cotton candy?

And how about an inflatable outdoor theater? That could go great with an inflatable whirlpool spa. And of course, something inflatable for Dino - a flying manta ray

And of course, when it says This gadget is for our more kinky readers, the VibraWhip....., I just couldn't pass up.

Oooh, a floating bed

And this shower would fit right in with our other gadgets here at home

In my industry, I keep getting informed that I need to start playing golf, which, with the exception of the random excursion to the family fun center never happens... with this though, I could change my mind

If I do ever get around to moving to the Caribbean, maybe I'll use the outdoor misting sytem

And last but not least, something for Lori's Bryan... Shocking laser-tag


There several toys here that would be fun to have, can't afford any of them, but it's nice to daydream.

Posted by SparrowHawk on Sat Aug 26 03:36:00 PDT 2006
Only $66 for the cotton candy maker! :)

Posted by Malachi on Sat Aug 26 03:43:00 PDT 2006
I could use the golf thingy.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Sat Aug 26 10:40:00 PDT 2006
Ya, I dig the coffee table... but I'd definatly wait till my guests have had a few before plugginf it in. ;-)

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Sun Aug 27 02:45:00 PDT 2006