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31 July 2007

Schneier on Security: California Voting Machine Audit Results

Excerpt from one of the links:
Despite the limited time, the teams found ways to breach the physical security of all three systems using only “ordinary objects” (presumably paper clips, coins, pencil erasers, and the like); they found ways to modify or overwrite the basic control software in all three voting machines; and they were able to penetrate the backend tabulator system and manipulate election records.

30 July 2007

Update: Property Value

Dear Malachi,
I spoke with Ross VanLoo, Senior Urban Planner, about the arborvitae that have been removed at 1565 SW Farmington Road. He confirmed that 6' tall arborvitae would suffice and that they should be planted when the first house is ready for occupancy. The reason for his conclusion is that historically we have seen landscaping planted in the summer die because there is no irrigation on site. Also, I understand that 6' is what the County has consistently required.
I believe you mentioned that you are preparing to sell your home, so I can definitely write you up something that verifies the mitigation plan. If you're interested in that, please let me know and I can send it to you shortly.
I appreciate your patience. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Anne Elvers
Code Enforcement Officer
Washington County
P. 503-846-3831
F. 503-846-2908

Hey Anne,

I appreciate all your help. While it is too late to help me now, you might mention to Ross that the current mechanism does not really discourage breaking the rules. While they were supposed to maintain and protect the (30'?) trees that were there -- they are instead allowed to plant 6' trees (next to what I believe will be two story houses?) in their place... Those trees are significantly cheaper than they would be if they were forced to 'fix/undo' what they had done -- since a 30' tree is MUCH more expensive to get and plant than a 6' tree. It seems that, if you'd rather have 6' trees surrounding your property, you can just ignore the county requirements, rip out the old growth, and plant shorter ones instead. Am I incorrect on this?

While my house is only one story, the neighbor to the west of me is two story - with 6' trees, they are still loosing privacy that they were ensured they would keep. I have a feeling that once the 6' trees are planted, you will probably get another complaint from them (they are currently not contacting you because I told them you said you didn't need them to).

Do you have any idea what date is anticipated for the occupancy?

Our realtor told us that we should plan on putting the house on the market in November. I would appreciate if you could mail (15659 SW Jaylee St) me the mitigation information so that I can ensure that the Appraiser accepts it (might not accept email).

Thanks again,

28 July 2007

My horoscope for today

This just seemed kinda appropriate so I decided to repost it from iGoogle

You may be watching short trailers of your future possibilities, and it may not be quite what you were expecting. Don't worry; these fantasies are not necessarily your fate. Rather, they are your way of rebelling against the status quo. There may be ideas worth pursuing that could get lost in the sheer volume of original thoughts sparking through your brain today. If something makes sense, write it down so it doesn't get lost in the noise. Saturday, July 28, 2007

24 July 2007

Assholes from the Net: Carl Church

So like most of you who have mothers online, my mother sends eCards to her friends. In this particular case, she sent one to her friend Dorris. Dorris then forwarded said card to this asshole named Carl Church. This was the ecard she sent Dorris:
Hello there My Friend

How are You doing? I hope that Your day is going great!
I have been busy and do msis talking

Love Your Friend Mary

He responds to my mother (who, if you remember right, did not send it to him) with the following:
Hi Mary,
I am sending this greeting back to you mvdf. I told you before and I am telling you again take tis card and suseyq and shove them both up your ass as far as you can. Do not send me no more dam cards you fool you. I have had all of you thay I can stand okay.

From Your Truely
Your Asshole

Now, while I can understand not wanting to get cards - sending this kind of response to my mother when she didn't send it to you... well....

I contacted his ISP... Specifically, I sent the following email to
As you will see from the chain below, my mother sent an ecard to her friend Dorris, who then forwarded it to your member Carl Church.
He in turn responds telling my mother what she can do with the cards. This kind of abusive email is against the Terms of Service, and I respectfully request that said member be disciplined and/or have his account terminated.

Thank you,
Malachi de AElfweald
Four days later, my mom receives this email from EA Games:

Dear **removed** ,

Your Electronic Arts Pogo account has been flagged for violating the Terms of Service for Electronic Arts Online.

Violation: Prohibited solicitation or advertising while on the EA Online service
Post messages for any purpose other than personal communication, including without limitation advertising, promotional materials, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or make any commercial use of our Service.

Message Log:
mrssage - id :313063153
Sent: Monday 07/23 18:18 Centra
your group name of your buddy list and click Send Message to all. Copy and paste this message
You can read the Terms of Service for Electronic Arts Online by going to the following web address.

The Electronic Arts support team is available at should you have any general questions or concerns about the rule or its enforcement in the game, as we feel it is important to understand the rule completely before returning to the game world.

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc. Customer Relations

I have now sent this email to

I believe you have been duped by

Four days ago, after a particularly nasty email from that user specifying where my mother could stick things, I reported them to for violation of the terms of service.

If it is indeed that user that flagged my mother, I urge you to pursue disciplinary action against that user for fraudulent activities. I can send you the original email to TOSEmail1 (which includes his original comments to my mother) if that would be of assistance.

Thank you,

Now, I don't know what resolution this is going to have.... if any... but, just in case I need to go a little higher up on the food chain...

Carl Church
home 740-546-4080
cell 740-338-7670
188 S Bridge St, Adena, OH 43901

23 July 2007

News from the Net

iPhone remotely hacked.

The RIAA convinces you to incriminate yourself. Good timing too, since we now see that you can get $69k of attorney fees from them.

Spy Squirrels

Matrix 0.9 beta?

Stem Cell updates.

HIV Vaccine ready for clinical trials?

So what happens if you go to a casino and win big because the hardware had faulty software installed? Well, you get tried as a criminal of course! WTF?

It seems that the FCC is asking to be abolished again... oh, what? are you going to censor me for saying that? Assholes.

The FBI admits to using spyware.

Well, you remember that we can now print displays and robots? How about printable solar cells?

It seems that you can no longer win at Checkers.

Multi-Gigabit Wireless? Nice.

The Bush Administration overturns the 5th Amendment.

Magnetics blamed for hard drive failures.

A true 'random number' generator online?

Biofuel Jets?

Hmm... Is this the beginning of the digital messiah myths for the age of robots?

Equation for a mobius strip just now made?

M$ patents adware... so can we hold them fiscally responsible for any of it Spybot finds?

Bionic hands finally hit the market.

Another alternative to LCD?

It appears that the USA has officially entered the robot wars.

Does this remind anyone else of Parasite Eve?

Finally, the SciFi versions of the female form can become a reality - MIT develops a skintight spacesuit.

Local Police Fraud

You might remember awhile back when Dino got a ticket and the judge and cop both insisted that she broke the law by crossing a dotted yellow line while the guy in front of her didn't break the law when he crossed the solid white line...

Well, Good Day Oregon was showing local cops giving tickets for crossing solid white lines and said that they gave over 300 tickets for it last year.

So here's the deal - if they are inconsistent - if they are giving tickets in either way.... then they are committing fraud. It is abuse of power and thus they need to loose that power. And so does the judge who lied. For that matter, we should ban any court from "not being a court of record" - anyone should be able to get transcripts of a court proceeding they are in so that they can prove the judge is breaking the law.

20 July 2007

Update: Property Value

Well, we have another update to our property value debacle.

I just got a call from Ann at the Code Enforcement office. They were in fact supposed to leave the trees intact. So what now? They are going to have "locks" preventing the sell (or was it just preventing the move in) of the houses until they put a line of 6' trees back in. Not as tall as the old ones, but at least it will be done.

On a separate note, our big purplish/reddish tree (see any googlemap pic) had a third of it crash down to our yard... I don't know if it was from them pulling out trees that were intertwined, or from the pounding that had the entire house shaking... Code Enforcement suggested we ask the developer to at least tow it away. She said that there is nothing that the county could do for that aspect.

Translucent Dolphins Go Round on a Reinvention of the Carousel

I just thought this was keen.

16 July 2007

News from the Net

What's the newest thing for alternative fuel? Cubic Zirconia!

Wonder what the latest cure MIT has come up with is? Cure for Fear.

Free alternative to M$ $urface.

Artificial muscles using carbon nanotubes.

Well, it appears we now know how to get the RIAA to back off. Of course, in some cases, the judge is on our side.

So does anyone else think that Georgia's new auto fuel crop will be hemp?

Indiana is bribed by BP?

Wait - why have I never heard of snail venom?

Woot! M$ admits that their OS is a Trojan Horse, SpyWare, AdWare, etc!

Giant Squid! How many does that make now?

Micro$oft wants to get paid to resale pirated media.

Court rules against Cingular in Washington for overcharging customers in hidden fees.

FBI Employees busted for abusing Patriot Act.

Very nice! 40 Gbps residential internet connection!

Wii Fitness

As most of you know, I have been doing a daily regiment of Wii Fitness... I never blog about my scores or anything -- but... 21!!!

12 July 2007

News from the Net

Info on HR811 (The Holt Bill).

It seems that anyone can get materials to make bombs. Of course, what do we expect when we accidentally leave all our intel laying around?

IBM opens up some of their patent portfolio.

Evidentially, the FBI exceeds its authority again.

Water found outside our solar system.

An intact baby mammoth found.

This is a job for SuperGoogle! Actually, I just suggested it to them.

The Surgeon General says that the Bush Administration censored him.

Games Workshop / Warhammer is trying to get boycotted. I'm sorry, if you authorize me to make something, and then I spend $40k on it -- you better not tell me I am no longer allowed to do it.

Korea decides to start cloning drug-sniffing dogs.

Now remind me - why did I stop smoking?

Autism and Robots?

Sounds like Guiliani finally got his check from Bush.

Google acquires Postini.

New Hampshire tells Homeland Security to f'off too.

Too bad I am not running M$ Office, or I'd install this.

09 July 2007

Sprint Solves CS Issue

So as you know, we dropped Sprint years ago after they illegally kept trying to charge us hundreds and hundreds of dollars for airtime that was never used... not only had we disabled internet access and never used it, but we never reset the call timer - so when they kept charging us for hundreds of minutes of internet use a month, we complained to corporate... repeatedly... even threatened to sue them...

Well, apparently, they get these kind of problems so often, they had to find a way to work around it.... so now they have... complain and get disconnected.

I urge you - if you haven't already, boycott the bastards.

Thanks to my dad for finding the article

Update: Property Value

So, we have an update on our earlier Property Value blog entry. I contacted Ann LeMountain, County Planner 503.846.8131 regarding Project #L0500484.

In addition to giving me a copy of the conditions of approval, she said that it seemed that they were in violation of their permit. She had me contact Code Enforcement 503.846.4875 regarding CASEFILE: 05-484-S/AMP. They are going to send someone else named Ann out in the next day or two to check on it.


I.D. Install protective fencing along arborvitae/hedge areas that must be retained (see Condition III.F.1.C, below).

III.F.1.C. Consistent with CDC Section 430-72, retention/replacement of the existing fence along south and east site lines, and retention of the existing hedge and arborvitae that runs immediately within the site border, except where these will be displaced by required improvements such as streets, sidewalks, driveways, and the water quality facility (note on the plan each section of the hedge/arborvitae to be retained and each section to be displaced by aforementioned improvements).

Wish us luck :)

07 July 2007

Parnitha Forest burns

From an online acquaintance:

Greece is very hot, and I am very sad to say that Athens is now mourning the Parnitha forest (an ancient forest with trees of 2500yrs of age) that has burned down three days ago.
We are all in mourning for the death of one of the most beautiful forests in Europe.

About the forest I am crushed..... Some trees were 2000 yrs old. Some of the caves were used by ancient philosophers to teach and make offerings to the gods.
I will go tomorrow to protest in front of the parliament with thousands other people.
We should all do something about the environment.
For the children of our planet to find a planet.....

06 July 2007

What's new at L.L. "Stub" Stewart State Park

The countdown is almost done. In two days, you can see Stub Stewart State Park for yourself! Eager visitors and campers are expected to be waiting at the gates when they open Sunday, July 8, at 8 a.m. The campgrounds are first-come, first-served through Aug. 15.

Campers will register at the Welcome Center for camping spots, and day-use visitors also may purchase their passes here. Facilities include:
  • Brooke Creek hike-in camp with 23 primitive sites, restrooms, and two common areas with fire rings. This campground always is first-come, first-served. Rental is $6/night Oct-Apr, and $9/night May-Sept.
  • Dairy Creek Camp West camp loop, with 43 full-hookup (water, sewer, electric) RV sites and 12 walk-in tent sites. RV sites rent for $18/night Oct-Apr, and $22/night May-Sept; tent sites are $13/night Oct-Apr, and $18/night May-Sept.
  • Mountain Dale Cabin Village with 15 rustic-style cabins (12, one-room; 3, two-room). Rustic cabins have lights, furnishings and heat, but campers bring their own bedding and cook outside the cabins. Rental is $39/night year-round.
  • Hilltop Day-use Area offering a stunning panoramic view of the Coast range mountains with parking for 35 cars and 10-15 RVs, modern restrooms and a trailhead for the park's trail system. Day-visitors to the park pay $3 a day, or purchase a 12-month pass-good for all 26 state parks that charge a day-use fee-for $25 (a 24-month pass sells for $40).
  • Clay Hill equestrian staging and day-use area, with a restroom, water and extra room for trailer parking.
  • Hares Canyon Horse Camp, with 14 full hookup campsites, each with four-stall corrals ($18/night Oct-Apr, $22/night May-Sept), and two double-size full hookup sites with six-stall corrals ($31/night Oct-Apr, $40/night May-Sept). This is the only state park horse camp with RV hookup sites and a fully-accessible shower-restroom.

If you plan on stays beginning Aug. 16, call 1-800-452-5687, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. to make campsite and cabin reservations. Reservations also are available online at .

View a new panorama of a park trail at .

04 July 2007

News from the Net

Oooh, new uses for the infamous pheromone.

I wish them all the luck in the world - but when we designed devices like that in high school, we were able to figure out that magnets (permanent or electromagnetic) wear out over time... so still not perpetual or free...

A new drug makes traumatic events not hurt so bad... is that like giving someone a guilt-free pass to do whatever they want?

Massachusetts now requires health insurance.

The RIAA is being sued for Civil Conspiracy under Texas common law by a granny for using illegal investigators.

Airbags for your drives?

Want to protect your credit report/score? Well those in charge of it want to stop you.

iPhone security mess.

SAP admits to stealing from Oracle.

BluRay, HD-DVD and antitrust inquiries.

Google gets into the phone-number biz.

What could I possibly do with this toy? What happens if we encase an antennae in it and keep broadcasting?

Oh, look, Bush once again shows how corrupt he is.

Handwriting recognition as an alternative to passwords.

Go Home rubber ducky!

Oooh - can I have a new monitor?

Deathbed Roswell confession?

Looks like I don't have to worry about Dino wanting an iPhone, since it won't work with 64-bit Windows (XP or Vista).