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12 February 2010

The evil has begun to spread

It appears that now has the Oracle logo on it.  While Larry Ellison lied about no wholesale cutting of projects; many of the projects have fallen in the transition.  JRuby, Project Darkstar, Project Wonderland, Kenai, OpenSSO, Identity and SOA, their cloud, some hardware and what else so far?  And their ego has apparently decided that their inferior products that barely function at all (like Weblogic and JDeveloper) will be the enterprise-class products while the old Sun products (Glassfish and Netbeans) would be for open source projects.  Evidentally, the future of OpenSolaris is also in question and I personally find it interesting that the referenced PDF didn't mention Xen in their Virtualization section.  Also that HotSpot is being merged with JRockit can't be a good sign. And then there is the whole Accessibility layoffs.  I assume many of these are next.  Oracle is telling developers that they can still go to JavaOne as long as it is part of OracleWorld while we are all thinking we need to start our own convention -- maybe the opposite side of the country the same days so Oracle can't manage to attend.

So I guess the question is what next?  Do we abandon Sun now that Oracle has taken over?  Do we replace OpenSolaris, ZFS and Java with something Oracle can't ruin?

11 February 2010

Google Buzz

6 years ago I started using a service called Dodgeball.  It was pretty cool -- I could see if my friends were nearby and what they were up to.  A year after I joined, Google bought the service and I thought, "Yay! Now this will integrate with everything!".

Then Twitter came out.  I didn't join because it was nowhere near as useful as Dodgeball.  Then Google killed Dodgeball.

And now, Google has Buzz.  From a mobile phone perspective, it seems like it is pretty much a Dodgeball replacement.  From the browser, however, it appears to be more like Google Wave.  Auto-integrated with your email, maps, photos, blogs, etc etc in a very Google Wave type of look.

We'll see how it does.  I really liked the concept of Google Wave; but it's lack of integration with my normal email made it useless for me to switch over to.  Maybe this is how they get their foothold in your daily life so that you can eventually switch.

05 February 2010

03 February 2010

TSLA: Electric car maker Tesla Motors files for a $100 million IPO


Tesla Motors, which produces high-performance, fully-electric vehicles, filed on Friday with the SEC to raise up to $100 million in an initial public offering. The Palo Alto, CA-based company was founded in 2003 and booked $108 million in sales over the last 12 months. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank are the lead underwriters on the deal. No pricing terms were disclosed.

01 February 2010

Oracle and Sun merger complete

These two pieces were my biggest take-away:

Yes, there will be a JavaOne Conference in 2010. JavaOne will be co-located with Oracle Develop during Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco from September 19-23, 2010. You may experience and register for JavaOne as a standalone conference just as before, or you can attend Oracle Develop 2010 and/or Oracle OpenWorld as well; it's your choice. Furthermore, unlike in recent years, JavaOne will focus solely on Java Technology and its associated ecosystem. You're welcome to attend Oracle Develop and Oracle OpenWorld to gain insight into specific products. As usual, all Java users and partners are invited to submit papers and to attend JavaOne.

Project Kenai, however, will be discontinued for public use.