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08 November 2010

How about some conspiracy theory today?

This post assumes you don't believe the official story of 9/11. If you do, you might as well switch over to instead.

The USA had been running exercises to test our preparedness for a 9/11-like attack.  It became obvious to many that wasn't much of a coincidence.  Years later, things stand out as perhaps preparing for the next "terrorist" attack.

(Unfortunately, this blog started in 2004, so I don't have any of my notes from before that)

In 2006, I noted that the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK were preparing for a cyber-attack.

In 2009, I noted that the NSA was teaching our own troops to take down the USA network.

Today, I note that all 22 European states, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland did a similar exercise.

Any bets on which country is going to start the claim of global cyber terroist attack against them?  How about bets on which laws go into place afterwords to "protect" us?