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30 November 2006

Electric Vehicle: Tax Credits?

So, I have been looking into what it would take to make my own electric vehicle... and I noticed something in the IRS Form 8834... Whereas you used to get a 10% credit, you now get a 2-1/2% credit... Where you used to be limited to $4000 you are now limited to $1000 (even though Hybrid get up to $2600).  Oh, and if you bought it from someone else, you don't qualify... You have to be the original owner. Friggin A. Can't they try to discourage it any more? 

Hey, electricity doesn't make the powers that be richer.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Fri Dec 01 10:13:00 PST 2006
Well, while I agree PGE is making more money off renewable energy than they should, no more than 1% of our energy can (legally) come from the oil that is killing our soldiers now.

Posted by Malachi on Fri Dec 01 16:20:00 PST 2006

29 November 2006


I'm not going to go into too much detail right now... but Punky passed away at about 2:20pm today.

That is uber suxor.  Punkers was totally my buddy.  Good on you guys for giving him a good life.  My thoughts are with you tonight.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Nov 29 12:56:00 PST 2006
Merciful Release
I am so sorry, Mal! My thoughts are with you and Dino. 

Posted by Merciful Release on Wed Nov 29 23:15:00 PST 2006
I am so very sorry.  I am sending both you and Dino big hugs and kisses

Posted by Layne on Thu Nov 30 01:04:00 PST 2006
Punky was very lucky because he was so loved by his family.  You guys were great kitty parents.  He couldn't have asked for more.  If you need to vent, give me a call.  

Posted by Sarah on Thu Nov 30 06:30:00 PST 2006
Sorry to here about the punkster. Take care.

Posted by Jason on Thu Nov 30 23:48:00 PST 2006

I'm sorry to hear about Punky. Lots of love and hugs ~L

Posted by SparrowHawk on Fri Dec 01 02:13:00 PST 2006
KerryRose a.k.a. "Santa's Mistress"
I'm so sorry, Mal.  He had a very good life though, and was lucky to have such a good adopted family in you and Dino.

Posted by KerryRose a.k.a. "Santa's Mistress" on Tue Dec 05 06:44:00 PST 2006

Omagosh, I am so sorry. I don't know what to say.   Well I will be there soon. Love you guys.


Posted by Jamie on Wed Dec 13 13:47:00 PST 2006

News from the Net

UK tests remote control jets

You better be careful you aren't selling things via ebay to North Korea....

Turn any 3D object into a touch pad

Things you never knew about LEGO

Justice Department and Democrats play tag

USA Money may soon look like foreign currency

Thesis becomes PS3 game

French Parliament drops M$ and goes open source

Barney surrenders

Quantum magnetic storage?

Courts side with spammer

Sitting straight up is NOT good for you

Newt Gingrich admits to being a terrorist by trying to take away our constitutional rights

RIAA has sunk to subpoena neighbors and call employers

28 November 2006

Mini News from the Net

Army now has a game that shows ... ah screw it, I can't even pretend it is 'prooving' anything

Do you have a tv bigger than 29"? Couch, futon or at least 2 comfy chairs? Then the MPAA says you have to pay $50 or face fines of up to $500k per movie... That's it.... can someone please sue them for copyright infringement on Edison's patents when they left Hollywood so that we can finally be rid of them?

Merely hours after someone in Illinois mentioned the ban on explicit video games, a federal court ruled it unconstitutional

A business in Second Life is now worth $1 million

You remember those little bathtub ships that would send out little bubbles? Well, evidentally, that is the key to fuel efficiency for ships

27 November 2006

Medical Update

Well, I had a follow-up doctor visit today... He showed me both my old X-Ray and my new X-Ray...  The ESWL was not a success... the kidney stone is now 5mm x 11mm....

He said that normally you have about 10 weeks before they cause permanent damage... it has already been a couple weeks..  he wants to see me again in 1 month... if it isn't gone by then, he's going to do invasive surgery...

They don't know what caused it... could have been dehydration as likely as dietary... considering my past experience, dehydration is actually a pretty likely cause...

Dude, if you need anything you can call.  I know I'm far away and probably like 30th on that list of people to call but hey, just putting it out there.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Nov 29 01:57:00 PST 2006

Thanks. I appreciate that.

To be honest, I usually don't call anyone when I am in the hospital. Usually, people only know because Dino tells them.

Posted by Malachi on Wed Nov 29 03:30:00 PST 2006
Yeah, it can be a hassle if you have a bunch of people bugging you while you get hacked open by some hmo quack.  I only knew you were in there the first time because Brett told me.   He figured I'd want to give my best, and he was right, although my best isn't all that stupendous.  It's kind of like a gold medal in the special olympics.  You're a winner...but you're retarded.  I guess instead I'll send someone else's best.  Might be more worth while.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Nov 29 13:02:00 PST 2006

News from the Net

Slashdot had a story about how the MMORPG I have been playing (Saga of Ryzom) is filing bankruptcy and liquidation and are trying to sell it... and how one group is trying to raise enough funds to buy it and release it as GPL

nnooooo! Why couldn't I know that buying today is a trend BEFORE I made purchases!!!

Ok, how many of you print stuff out and don't write on it?


Well, I guess this kind of legal maneuvers may prevent me from making a living in Jamaica on a normal passport

Ok, how many of you could pass up something called a HurriQuake nail without being curious?

Geometrically encode 256GB on a piece of paper?

Too bad Oregon doesn't require computer professionals to be paid overtime, cuz Siebel and IBM are paying out about $100M thanks to the federal class action lawsuits

Korea steps ahead of the USA in futuristic homes

I actually read about Pleo in my Make magazine, but it looks like it might end up being a hit

Looks like it is time for Google to get some bad publicity, since they are now preventing people from using Google Earth data, even though they provide an API to do so

Host internet porn in China and get sentenced to life in prison

Revenge of the Nerds remake cancelled

Reversal of Type 1 Diabetes confirmed

Remember the UK camera network that would listen for things like gunshots? Well, now they will listen for aggressive tones such as arguments

Amazon couldn't handle the Thanksgiving rush

UK schools decide to ban wifi claiming health concerns... Then again, other schools suspend students and ban all personal electronic devices to ensure that they can't use video to rat out the teachers

Microsoft files for patent to allow them do remove your legally bought license based on who the user is, where the user is located, what type of ... device the user is using, ... the date, the time, etc... hope you are planning on buying a new license over and over and over

Sony finds defect in their digital cameras

Mexico has a new Large Millimeter Telescope

Nanoparticles get regulated

Well, it appears that if you decide to run Vista Home in Xen or VMWare, you will be breaking the license...

There may be new breakthroughs in cancer research

Found me a new toy :)

Here's how to turn any metal black

2000 year old Antikythera Mechanism finally cracked

A New Jersey public school history teacher was recorded telling his students that they 'belong in Hell' if they don't accept Jesus... Ban the f'er.

New robot 'George' plays Hide-and-Seek

Stupid fucking patent office should be banned as well.... LSI was granted a patent for doubly-linked list... Now they could claim they aren't smart enough to know that they shouldn't have allowed it, but since the governments standards body explains how to use it, that seems kinda odd.... You might also ask yourself how some corporation can patent something in 2006 that has been popular since 1955?

WiiShop access hacked

More updates on LoTR

If you are running a website, you might want to know about this vulnerability which uses Google to hack websites

Library of Congress makes some of your rights legal again

Possible genetic breakthroughs

Robotic spaceplanes announced by US Air Force

2006 Machinima Festival report

IBM and Cray (who stole my money via SGI) got DARPA funding and Sun did not

OOooh. New solid state chip that converts between heat and electricity

Junkyard tires to filter water?

UK Police, in an effort to yet again reach 1982, start roadside fingerprinting

Google hiring to save the world

From digg: Google's philanthropic arm has started hiring employees to help make the world a better place in several key areas — including global poverty, climate change and global public health.... too bad these positions aren't local


Do you think Google is really a GOOD corporation or maybe they are hiding the fact they are the anti-crist.

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Mon Nov 27 15:14:00 PST 2006

22 November 2006

News from the Net

NASA uses Unreal Engine... Of course, their Mars Global Surveyor is likely lost forever... And yet they plan on exploring the moon and a manned mission to land on an asteroid and poke it

Creationism Museum to open next summer with all fake content

Firefox bug gives out your passwords, with MySpace being the example used

London police officers get 360-degree cameras in their helmets

Does anyone else think it is odd that the US, China, South Korea, Russia, Japan, India and the EU will build an experimental nuke in France... Why not one of their own countries?

Microsoft figures out how to screw you over and over and over

Cause for Cancer may have been found

A 17-year old in Michigan built a deuterium-fusion reactor in his parents basement

Police brutality caught on camera phone

If you visit Egypt, be sure not to blog about what you see, or you will be arrested

Possibly a major advance in Quantum Computing

Since most of my readers are here in the Portland metro, you may want to see this

Black hole found spinning at about 60000 rpm

Peter Jackson not involved in the other Lord of the Rings movies?

Second Life based Worm?

More progress on 3D displays

The RIAA (or Nambla) appears to fear counterclaims... In similar news, one defendant pointed out that they couldn't sue him since they already sued (and got a settlement) from the software he was using (kazaa)

European Cities are doing away with traffic signs

Well, the Optimus keyboard is finally being released at a completely unreasonable price

High-tech Public Urinals coming to North America

Googles new Click-to-Call service?

Yahoo! laying off 15-20% of the staff?

RSA Cryptography has a new vulnerability? Uh oh

Have you wondered how the South Park WoW episode was made

MP3 Player was used to hack a cash machine

Should humans reaquire the ability to regrow limbs?

China, the flip-flopper of censorship

Insecticons kill terrorists!

It took the Guardian 48 hours to crack the new secure British passports

A robot that adapts to damage? Should mix this with those MIT lego-like bots that can reassemble

Swords from 900 AD made with carbon nanotubes???

USA screwing over us Texas Hold'em players may soon invalidate all US patents

Kaiser Permanente is having major IT problems

Physicist may have found the way to communicate back in time

U.S. Air Force Starfire Optical Observatory, aka big freakin' laser beams in space shooting down weapons

An engineering student figures out how to terraform 1 km of Mars

Many Second Life businesses close shop due to a program called Copybot that clones other peoples possessions

It seems scientists are finally considering doing what Tesla already had

Crap, not so sure that I want to watch LOTR without Peter Jackson!!!!

Posted by Sarah on Wed Nov 22 09:13:00 PST 2006
Grei Raven
LOTR w/o PJ, not cool. Hope New Line gets their head out of their ars.

Posted by Grei Raven on Fri Nov 24 00:06:00 PST 2006
The tazering thing has literally made me nausiated. It's amazing that they were tazering that poor kid while he was begging them to stop and that he couldn't get up. I hope they enjoy their time in jail soon and their time in hell later.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Fri Nov 24 10:44:00 PST 2006

Who Killed the Electric Car?

So, we watched the movie last night. I have to say... I actually find myself disliking both Hybrid and Hydrogen vehicles now...

And, well, since I like their namesake, I will provide a link to at least one Electric Vehicle (that happens to be way out of my budget):

Ya, there is alot more to the Hydrogen car then meets the eye. I guess we should have realized something was up when Bush started publicly supporting it. :-P

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Wed Nov 22 08:58:00 PST 2006

Lock Bumping

After hearing the news say they were going to tell us in about 13 hours how to protect ourselves from this lockpicking technique that is running rampant in the area, I thought I would figure out wtf it is...

nice, now we have to get laser encoded keys for the bathroom door.

Posted by Silver on Wed Nov 22 01:37:00 PST 2006
Bathroom door? Can't you open that with a toothpick?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Wed Nov 22 08:56:00 PST 2006
Thanks! I was wondering what they were talking about on the news....

Posted by Sarah on Wed Nov 22 09:10:00 PST 2006

18 November 2006

Hospital Visit

Well, as some of you know, I went to the hospital Thursday morning... I got out about 3:30 this morning.  Everything is OK now. It was a kidney stone. They used an operation called Electric Shock Wave Lithotripsy.  Not sure what caused them yet.


I'm glad to hear that you're out of the hospital and ok. I hope you don't have to deal with kidney stones again. Take care. ~L

Posted by SparrowHawk on Sat Nov 18 04:23:00 PST 2006

YAY!!! I am glad that you are home and feeling better.  Big Hugs and Kisses, talk at you soon


Posted by Layne on Sat Nov 18 05:08:00 PST 2006
No more hospital visits, ok? Making me a little nervous here!!!

Posted by Sarah on Mon Nov 20 09:15:00 PST 2006

Glad to hear you're ok, seeing as your wife didn't get back to me to tell me how you are doing.




Glad I can turn your misery into something for me to bitch about.  I'll see you guys soon....

Posted by WILL POWER! on Tue Nov 21 12:02:00 PST 2006

14 November 2006

News from the Net

Global Warming ((de)de)bunked?

100Gbps over Ethernet

Scientists combat Phantom Limb Pain by giving amputees VR limbs

It appears that IBM has figured out how to make money in the gaming industry -- supply chips to all of the next gen consoles

More info about the Moon

I'm not even going to link to this story, just show this picture

Forget taking morphine, take saliva

Ok, the idea that they taught Dolphins to sing the Batman theme is just friggin awesome :) I want to see a caped dolphin singing it in the dark :)

More Robocops built

It appears that the currently Republican state of California is requiring that you make a profit to enjoy copyright protection

This still makes me sad

You ever wonder what the first 'web page' looked like?  Hey, it was still a lot better than Gopher


The RIAA claims they are concerned with big technology companies, not with consumers... Ummm... Any computer-illiterate grandmothers out there want to argue?

Looks like someone really doesn't want you to ride the space elevator

Ok, here's your chance... Black Box Voting has asked the geek community to look over the voting machine software and give their impressions

XBox 360 HD-DVD hacked to work on Windows XP

Google Earth now has historical maps

For those of you not yet ready to give up your rock star dreams, how about a TShirt that is a working Air Guitar?

Now that Apple is in bed with Intel, et al -- they take a step back from open-source

Looks like NASA just approved space as a trashheap

Looks like it is time for me to sign up with Harvard, since I can get straight As

A mayoral candidate voted for himself and managed to get 0 votes? Wow, how amazing these Diebold machines are -- here's a hint Diebold... give every candidate a couple votes JUST in case they (and their family) vote for themselves

A 17-year old gets 3 years jailtime for accessing neighbors wireless access

interesting google news

You might be vulnerable if you use HP, Dell, Gateway or eMachines

Too bad this is done by Micro$oft

I could really care less about a ballpark but it is Cisco news

White Wolf merged with the makers of EVE Online! Excerpt: Conceptualization and early development has begun to bring White Wolf's World of Darkness, one of the world's strongest gaming properties, into the online world.

So, you've all seen YouTube videos of police brutality... Well, it appears that it has also caught the attention of the FBI who are now investigating the LAPD!!!

I know quite a few of you will be interested to know that Google is now helping do QA for this project

Nanorust to remove arsenic from water

New Zealand allows IM-speak on exams

Google used to diagnose diseases

If you live in the UK, you might want to delete that copy of the Anarchist Cookbook you downloaded when you were 10, or be charged as a terrorist

KFCs' logo is now visible from space

Grei Raven
because we all wanted to see a kfc logo from orbit. Are we trying to be the intergalactic drive thru.

Posted by Grei Raven on Wed Nov 15 12:23:00 PST 2006

10 November 2006

News from the Net

Hurricane in Southern Saturn

RIAA sticks foot in mouth

Get rid of pollution by paving everything?

NASA looses contact with probe again

Great, just what we need. M$ convincing people they don't need antivirus

Evidentally, robots think humans taste like bacon

We get ranked in yet another area... The US is 15th in broadband penetration

Court rules that GPL doesn't violate antitrust laws

NTP's patent tactics backfire

Scientists still disagree about the moon

Slashdot admits to their own bug... On one hand, that's just kinda funny. On the other, anyone still using SQL deserves the headache

broadband penetration----sounds like some form of painful sex.

Posted by SparrowHawk on Fri Nov 10 01:40:00 PST 2006
mmmmmm bacon

Posted by veluxx on Fri Nov 10 03:46:00 PST 2006
More news from the net for you!

Rumsfeld and others facing charges for torture at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. It's about damn time!

Click here for more!

Posted by WILL POWER! on Fri Nov 10 11:11:00 PST 2006
Grei Raven
That saturn hurricane is freaky.

Posted by Grei Raven on Wed Nov 15 12:14:00 PST 2006

09 November 2006

News from the Net

Hope you don't want to play the harmonica

Salt Lake City turns sewer waste into energy

Ever wonder what tarantulas and chili peppers have in common?

Travelling and need a place to stay? Maybe you should couchsurf

A big announcement for nVidia's 680i SLI? Why aren't they 1080i yet? Sheesh

Vision restored to mice

Racism gets more attention from CNN scientists

Wireless nanotech sensors to locate exact location of power outages

Instead of buying a Wii for $249, you can go to GameStop and get some unknown Wii bundle for only $700.. WTF? If I was going to do that, which I am not, I would expect GameStop to at least be able to tell me what I am spending the extra $450 for.

France determines that Games are Art, and deserve awards and tax breaks

In order to keep itself honest, Google wants to make it easy for you to take your data and leave Google behind

DARPA to do live translation of tv, radio and printed material

08 November 2006

News from the Net

Dell customer gets refund for bundled Windows

Which is more surprising? That Democracts took the house or that there are complaints of voter fraud and voting machine problems?

Flikr patents using tags to label what you submit. Fricking idiots. Am I going to start having to boycott everyone who uses the Patent Office? In related (ie: Patent) news, NTP goes after Palm for infringement... Oh course, researchers at Penn State also applied for a patent that automatically recognizes objects in photos and tags them -- poor Flickr. Oh, and then there was more patent news with jpeg. Does anyone realize that Patents are not protecting the PEOPLE who actually INVENT?

This is kinda interesting. A new way of desalinating water using wave-power

Microsoft paying Novell

Sun finally figures out how to loose some of my support... They are choosing GPL for open-sourcing Java. Now that Java is going to die, wonder what language I should move to.

Every Windows Vista computer will have its own domain name for remote access

Here's some interesting space news

Hahah! India outsources to USA

You know, I never played Guitar Hero because it looked like a cheesy interface... But if Incubus and the Donnas plays it maybe it would be worth trying.

M$ tries to compete with Google Earth and Comcast -- oh, and Google itself

Now I remember why Hillary Clinton can kiss my ass

Looks like Adobe is finally playing ball

Australia passes law allowing for cloning of embryos to gather stem cells

Now this sounds like a real vaccine to me... AIDS modified to fight AIDS

As opposed to the USA government which is trying to force ISPs to collect all personal data for them, a German federal court requires ISP to delete logs on request of the customer

We've discussed how NASA's equipment seems to be crap... Well, to show it in another way -- their onboard clocks are not even as good as a Hello Kitty Teacup Radio

Ummm, OpenHuman?

HBO special against Diebold called 'Hacking Democracy' available on Google Video... This is after Diebold demanded that HBO cancel it

More E.coli computations

Verizon, the next frontier in censorship

So wonder what the latest news about the Republican party is? They are trying to frame Democrats for spamming you

International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition

Phishers arrested in Eastern Europe and US

Chat, blog or download from the internet without fully identifying yourself and risk 4 years of jail time (if you live in Brazil)... Looks like South Korea is following suit.

Code of Conduct found not-binding

It appears Mr. Burns may finally get his wish

Ok, here's something I don't understand... If you come up with a theory, you are the expert on said theory - right? Then what is the problem with you being the person to post it on Wikipedia? Would they prevent Tesla or Max Bourne from posting their own theories?

'Snowball Earth'???

Now this has some major promise... Using cryptography for voting paper trail

Nano-Optical Switches to restore sight

More hacking of your router

Saddam Hussein sentenced to death. I wonder what dictator we will train and put in power next

Considering that this was a topic of discussion on Sunday when this was posted, it is interesting to see that a dolphin with vestigial legs has been captured.... Anyone know if they also have hereditary memory like elephants?

I just like the name 'Rollercoaster Escape System'

New Windows vulnerability affecting all M$-based OS except Windows 2003

Who's got the nuke? Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE and Saudi Arabia all announced interest in developing it

Adware distributor fined $3 million. Wonder how that compares to the amount of money they made.

So it appears that YOU might now be on a no-fly list

Hitch-Hackers Guide to the Galaxy

They are predicting that the Oceans will be empty in another 42 years

So you think you live longer because you eat less calories? Scientists think it is because less calories means lower body temperature

The feds shut down the 'Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal' because the papers told us how to build bombs

File sharing legal in Spain

Wish I would have seen this before voting

PHP 5.2.0 released

Get fired via spam

Castlevania movie?

M$ Vista EULA prevents you from running benchmarks, decides what you listen to, and decides which spyware you can remove

Scientists can't agree on history of Venus


Viva Espana! Te Dije que Espana es mejor que Los Estados Unidos. 

Posted by Sarah on Thu Nov 09 05:23:00 PST 2006

07 November 2006

Friggin A

I am afraid that SavaJe has recently laid of all of its staff, so I do not anticipate that you will be able to get any support through the contact address I gave you and more
I will help you in any way I can, please let me have any questions you may have.
I am sorry for this.
Best regards

HUH??? What the hell is that about???

Posted by Sarah on Tue Nov 07 05:59:00 PST 2006
Remember my brand new $300 phone? Well, the company that makes it no longer has any employees.

Posted by Malachi on Tue Nov 07 11:26:00 PST 2006


What a bunch of jerks

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Thu Nov 09 14:58:00 PST 2006

This makes me wish I had some income right now

That would rock!!!!!

Posted by Sarah on Tue Nov 07 05:59:00 PST 2006
Grei Raven
That looks familiar :)  There's a group of us who hope to be going. Trying to recruit the Milwaukee goth scene.

Posted by Grei Raven on Tue Nov 07 12:26:00 PST 2006

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Thu Nov 09 14:57:00 PST 2006

02 November 2006

Mini News From the Net

How do Geeks do DDR?

Here's how we rank in Privacy Protection

Utube sues YouTube

If you were the target of Identity Theft, have you ever considered the culprit could have been your boss?

Ancient human virus brought back to life

Hmmmmnnn, maybe I should be a Canadian.....

Posted by Sarah on Thu Nov 02 05:34:00 PST 2006
I'm all for genetic research but calling back a virus from the past seems a bit stupid to me.  Guess they're trying to help the Bush administration with that whole Armegedon thing....

Posted by WILL POWER! on Thu Nov 02 12:13:00 PST 2006
So its a Zombie virus then?

Posted by Sylkwyrm on Sat Nov 04 00:47:00 PST 2006

01 November 2006

News from the Net

Researchers may have found new information about SIDS

So what do you think? Is this scandal sponsored by Micro$hit or do we now hate Google?

Oh look at that. How odd. Florida voting machines aren't letting people vote for Democrats. Ok, I'll say it. Might be the first one. Might be the only one. I don't accept the results of this election - no matter who wins. In fact, I will take it a step further. I don't accept any current candidates - whoever they happen to be

HP acquires VoodooPC

PayPal bombed

Might have just found a way to reduce all those annoying automated messages I get... sue them

This is basically the CIA's Wikipedia?

OpenBSD 4.0 released

Ok this is odd... Evidentally, the guy who invented the lie detector and Wonder Woman was considered a crackpot/phony by the FBI, who still uses his equipment

What is interesting about this is the type of camera they made to do it

Wanting Lego's for Christmas? Good luck

OMFG! This is one of the most entertaining reads in quite some time :)

Fucking Taxes... So, Australia is now taxing people for virtual property...  Can I pay them in virtual dollars? Maybe ones that I code myself to disappear if not returned in 15 minutes?

Microbes found in the Antarctic could survive on Mars


So funny to me that I think I'm going to change my myspace name.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Nov 01 09:31:00 PST 2006
that's great
"how did you get this MSN address?"
dumb s4it

Posted by Silver on Thu Nov 02 02:04:00 PST 2006
LOL, There was no voting many times do I have to say it? Even though a lot of foriegn governments have documented that we have issues with our voting machines......That means nothing because only americans tell the truth!!!!

Posted by Sarah on Thu Nov 02 05:32:00 PST 2006