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30 May 2007

2008 Presidential Candidates

List of 2008 Presidential Candidates gathered from Wikipedia).

Democratic Party

Joe Biden: he's out for being an early supporter of the Iraq war. He's also responsible for creating the "Drug Czar".

Hillary Clinton: she's out for authorizing Bush to use force in Iraq and starting the FEPA.

Christopher Dodd: he's out as an Enron lackey (too bad, cuz he dated Princess Leia ;)

John Edwards: he's out for authorizing Bush to use force in Iraq

Mike Gravel: I think I am going to have to take a closer look at this guy... eliminate the IRS, allowing the public to create federal ballots, etc

Dennis Kucinich: anti-Iraq war, anti-Patriot act, anti-Diebold, pro-instant runoff voting, and impeaching Cheney. Although many good issues, his plan to ban handguns by civilians seems unconstitutional so he is out.

Barack Obama: pro-Mexican fence, anti-Lobbyist-ownership. His comment about god wanting him to run really made me nervous though - I expect that he will cave to Christian propaganda so he is out.

Bill Richardson: signed medical marijuana and anti-sexual orientation discrimination laws in... need to look closer at his voting history.

Wesley Clark: admitted that the Iraq war had nothing to do with WMD or regime change; but he also talked highly of Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice... ie: he can't be trusted so he is out.

Al Gore: I've heard so much over the years, I need to take a fresh look to decide on him

Republican Party

Sam Brownback: out due to being in the pocket of the church

John H. Cox: anti-War, anti-IRS, etc -- but he looses my vote because he thinks security is more important than civil liberties. Besides, he is a hyprocrite (says that he is for religious freedom, yet wants to ensure christian views of marriage) - he's out

Jim Gilmore: he's out for being pro-War

Rudy Giuliani: consistently censoring, lobbying for oil, and overall untrustworthy - out

Mike Huckabee: fiscally irresponsible, so he is out

Duncan Hunter: extremist regarding abortion, pornography, immigration; out for being a terrormonger

John McCain: even outside of his public opinion of the Bush administration and his indecency hypocracies, he hired a PNAC member and thus is out.

Ron Paul: anti-War, anti-Patriot Act, lied about taking money from PACs, pro-Fence, anti-IRS, and pro-abortion as a state right. He seems to have quite a following online. I am not happy with some of his views, but take a closer look.

Mitt Romney: flip flops on abortion, gay rights, etc - thus can't trust any election propaganda so he is out

Tom Tancredo: anti-family planning and thus pro underage poor mothers, and pro familial rapist being notified if the child tries to get an abortion, so he is out even though pro states rights and medical marijuana

Tommy Thompson: pro ability to fire people for being gay and corrupt (see health care profits) so he is out

Newt Gingrich: House Ethics Committee found him to be corrupt, so he is out

Chuck Hagel: seems to take the constitution as more important than Bush or the party. Said it was unpatriotic to NOT question the government. research him more.

Fred Thompson: Misunderstands the Separation of Church and State; anti-family planning and thus pro underage poor mothers; so he is out

Third Party

While in general I would like to vote for a third party, we all know it is technically impossible to have one win, even if they receive 100% of the vote... as such, I am not going to work out details for each of them... But here they are:
Jerome R. Corsi, Dale Thompson, Alan Augstson, Elaine Brown, Kent Mesplay, Kat Swift, Daniel Imperato, Bob Jackson, Steve Kubby, Robert W. Milnes, George Phillies, Wayne Allyn Root, Christine Smith, John Bowles, Gene Amondson, Earl Dodge, Steve Adams, Celesta Baier, Terry Barkdull, Don Cordell, Richard H. Clark, Orion Karl Daley, Susie Flynn, Jon A. Greenspon, Mark B. Graham, Don J. Grundmann, Bob W. Hargis, Arnold Jones, Steve Kissing, David Koch / Ken Goldstein, James H. McCall, Frank McEnulty, Co Martin, David J. Masters, Frank Moore, Michael Moriarty, Philip W. Morrow, Gail Parker, Arthur Regan, Joe Schriner, Jonathan Sharkey, Ben Thompson, Michael Tienken, Lanakila Washington, Lisa Weltman, Ruth Bryant White

News from the Net

We've seen all the tech before, but still makes me want one (even if it is M$).

Will someone please countersue this a*hole?

GoogleMap gets some interesting tidbits... If you go here, you'll notice a few things... Let's see... there's the trimet icons... There's the street view (in some areas) [look near traffic/hybrid/satellite when in full nation view]... There's the Add Placemark, Draw Line, Draw Shape, KML export. I couldn't figure out how to get the Real Estate Search, Movie Showtimes or Distance Measuring Tools to work. Of course, there are other gadgets (and you can make your own). I even saw Exit numbers on 217. Very nice.

Got a brain tumor? Maybe you need an electrical field.

The Linux sponsored car crashes first at Indy 500 and came in dead last because of it.

Hardware firewall on a usb stick?

28 new planets found.

Google throws its hat into anti-spyware while being investigated by the FTC. They also are buying FeedBurner.

New Zealand has decided not to renew their M$ Office license.

NASA to release Landsat 7 data.

Japan decides to make it illegal to store your music online.

Haha! Have a Nissan? Better hope you don't have a cell phone or it may erase your car keys.

Well, now we know why the USA says there is no global warming. Because the Germans say there is.

Hardwired crypto?

Soda pop, fruit juices, pickles, jams/preserves, soy and sauces/dressings, cranberries, prunes, plums, cinnamon, cloves, and apples turning off your DNA? WTF?

Power your car from sugar/starch?

Looks like it is finally time for me to buy a backyard grill.

How about a look at the top 25 censored stories of 2007?

Want to upgrade your wifi, military style?

The University of Ohio caves to terrorism.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has evidentially decided that any video that happens at the turnpike belongs to them. Wonder what they would think of some home videos from the car?

BestBuy accused of overcharging yet again.

The MPAA takes a massive blow. In related news, freedom has a new enemy in the Copyright Alliance.

Remember someone getting busted for not stopping random users from accessing their wifi? Well, it looks like the FBI is no better.

If you've been debating an HD-DVD or BluRay player, you might want to rethink that (and get a burner).

5 year felony charge for using a cafe's free wifi access?

Some female sharks can reproduce without having sex!

29 May 2007

ESRB vs. Illinois

Thanks to Brett for finding this...

First paragraph:
When the State of Illinois was tardy in paying its legal bills after
attempting to defend a law that regulated the sale of violent and sexually
explicit video games, the Entertainment Software Association wondered about the
reasons for the delay. Now they know: the state was scouring department budgets,
looking for the $1 million it cost to defend the unconstitutional legislation in
court. Yes, you read that right—the State of Illinois spent one meeeellion
dollars of taxpayer money on the litigation even as the state budget was starved
for cash in other, more pressing areas. And worse yet, they spent it on a bill
which, when introduced, was plainly unconstitutional.


As many of you know, I recently had my first [ever] physical. According to the lab results, they checked my Glucose (Blood Sugar), Kidney Function, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Thyroid Function. All were marked Normal.

Below that, they said that I had the following results:
Cholesterol208<200Mildly elevated
HDL (good chol)38>40
LDL (bad chol)132<130

22 May 2007

A Fair(y) Use Tale [video]


News from the Net

Advances in exploration of the deep.

Nortel smacks down its kids after they leave home.

Yet another reason that alternative fuels are not the answer.

Math factorization record broken.

In case you haven't heard yet, there is news about StarCraft II.

The Smithsonian cowtows to the Bush administration. Resignations ensue.

Undercover agents exposed.

The RIAA has decided that Congress should overturn a 70 year law and give them more money.
Here's an idea, why don't we CHARGE the RIAA for every time anyone ever plays any songs... Yeah, that sounds better.

Widespread network hole.

More Wet Mars data.

What do MySpace and Sex Offenders have in common? The attention of the Attorney Generals.

What better way to appear to be involved in a conspiracy than to completely change the entire grid with the use of the T-word?

Groups of Russian journalists all resign due to the censorship taking place.

Dr. Who is finally coming true -- spy drones hit the streets, er, sky in the UK.

So you have been thinking about making your own Home Theater PC? Well, here's another reason to avoid Windows Media Center for it.

Prostate cancer gene found.

Internet radio station Atlanta Blue Skye LLC has decided they want boycotted. Of course, so does XM Radio.

Advances in splitting hydrogen from water.

I'm not going to say anything... you have to read the synopsis.

The Pirate Bay wants to create an uncensored alternative to YouTube.

In case you missed it, you can now preorder the Optimus Keyboard. As much as I would like to, I am not about to spent $1564.37 on a keyboard.

HP decides to just eliminate what was left of their reputation.

Advances in teleportation and spintronics.

Scotty has been found.

A Spyware maker is suing an anti-spyware maker. Friggin nuts.

More details on the sunken treasure.

NetFlix sued for fraudulently obtaining patents.

13 May 2007

News from the Net

Who would like a 'Virus Sponge'?

The French Government and Micro$oft join up to create a spam blacklist.

UK Researchers may have found an alternative to animal testing. IMHO, this is huge. Especially when combined with the new artificial blood.

First ever extrasolar planetary map.

So what happens if some company (say, like Viacom) sends a takedown notice to remove some content they don't own (say, yours)... Well, if it is hosted on MySpace Video, you won't be able to re-upload it anymore. Not like they would ever trust the liars at Viacom over their users though, right?

The FBI/FCC invasion of privacy is required to be implemented by tomorrow. Interesting since it (government domestic wiretapping) is now illegal.

13.2 billion year old star found.

This is important for those of you in the Portland Metro area... Washington State has banned texting while driving. I'll be nice enough not to mention any names.

Posting pr0n links is now illegal in Hong Kong.

NASA's latest contest is for autonomous robots moving moon dust.

Oooh. A Streetlamp-Powered Wireless Network.

IPv6 flaw could greatly increase DDoS attacks.

Get ready Spock, it appears Captain NASA is coming for you.

A bubble fusion researcher faces trial for fraud.

Google says that 1 in 10 web pages have malicious code on them.

Well, shortly after I mention the PC World editor resigning, it appears that he is back and the CEO has been demoted.

Scientists come up with odd way of reformatting text to make it easier for the brain. Give it a try.

Media Rights Technology is suing Micro$oft, Apple, Adobe and Real for NOT using their DRM. They say that NOT including their software constitutes circumventing it.

The EFF sues spoon-bender Uri Geller.

Where you using ICQ? I don't remember what my number was, but it still sucks that thousands of them were deleted overnight.

Let me guess, you read this and the first thing you think is, "at least it isn't being launched a year earlier"

You have a pacemaker? Maybe you should skip getting an iPod.

Cryptic Studios (makers of Cities of Heroes) released an open-source animation tool.

Wait, I don't get it... Why are Scotty's remains not in space?

Google Earth gets sound.

NASA is set to hold a media teleconference on TUE explaining that Aristotle was right.

If you ever hear the term 'Digital Consumer Enablement', don't be fooled - it is a marketing ploy to get you to buy DRM-infected media.

Florida may not get to have a presidential primary.

An online critic is thrown in jail for picketing a Scientology center after a woman died there.

New "Terminator" trilogy planned.

Shredded Secret Police files being reassembled.

Advertisers will soon be able to tell which ads you are looking at from 30 feet away.

Lucas to make 2 more Star Wars films? WTF?

California may soon ban Diebold voting machines.

Your kid isn't doing so well in school? Maybe you should move somewhere with a different height of ceiling.

Since my SavaJe phone is not going to be supported, maybe I should switch the the Sun phone that was ported from it?

In case you missed it, Kuntz pointed me to the Encyclopedia of Life.

Scientists think they have found the genetic marker that makes us humans instead of chimps.

10 May 2007

News from the TV

Latest Windows Trojan is pretty clever.

Tony Blair resigns.

Yet once more, they show that they think police should be exempt from the law. Personally, I wouldn't care about him making pot brownies -- but keeping everything he confiscates -- that's bad.

So the Feds refuse to tell Michael Moore whether or not he can go to Cuba, then 'investigate' him for going anyway.

Pet Food recall has expanded more and more... Latest update was less than a week ago.

09 May 2007

Construction to our property without us being notified?

So my neighbor and I noticed that our sidewalks were marked. Ok. I leave to pick up Dino and by the time I get back there are more markings. Interesting... Wait a second, there is a locate mark on my property and on my neighbors, pointing towards each other (encompassing both properties).... Hmmm.. My driveway in front of my garage and the ground in front of my side yard are marked too... What the hell?

So, going to I find this....

WTF? Was no one going to notify me that they were going to be digging up my property? So when the guy behind us offered us money to let him install it and we told him no - I guess that means he gets to do it anyways without compensation?

Poppy Seed Drug Tests

We've all heard of this, but....

The Discovery channel program Mythbusters put the poppy seed claim to the test, feeding mythbuster Adam an enitre loaf of poppyseed cake and Jamie three poppy seed bagels. Tests were administered every half hour, and Adam tested positive after the first test. Jamie was slower, taking two hours to test positive after eating the bagels. Both tested positive for the remainder of the day, but were clean the next morning, 18 hours later. Myth status: confirmed.

07 May 2007

News from the Net

The coin to the left was responsible for Homeland Security tripping all over itself, thinking that we were being invaded by nanotech-induced Canadian spies.

HP is to be sued again (and repeatedly) for spying.

You know what would be really kewl? If I got a 9' projector, got something like this to work with it, and used it as a giant interactive whiteboard...

An Australian resident who has never been to the United States is being extradited to the US. I guess it wasn't enough for Bush to take away State rights, but wants to remove the rights of all other governments while he is at it. Maybe not too surprising since Australia appears to be all about the censorship.

Well, it appears that even the NYTimes is acknowledging that takedown notices = censorship.

Oooh -- whether you call it an 'electromagnetic wormhole' or an 'invisible tunnel', I want it :)

It appears that Conservatives beat out the Socialists in France.

Before I forget, the News is suggesting that you visit OregonGasPrices or PortlandGasPrices if you want to fight the ever-rising gas prices... Personally, I am torn -- if gas is cheap, no one will consider an alternative.

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act - I am personally surprised that Bush plans to sign it, since American Family Insurance only tested me for AIDS. Maybe he doesn't realize that.

It appears that Utah is regretting their efforts to force filtering of children email addresses.

Looks like people are starting to give up on Blender and move onto other open source 3d modeling software.

Haha... AOL (and AIM I assume) strips the end of passwords... So if your password was 'password12345678', they actually only use 'password'.

It appears that the US Navy is claiming to have achieved cold fusion.

Wow, AT&T decides to drop all VoIP customers. Not like that helps their landline services get more business, huh?

OOOooh - Nano-Light...

Remember us talking about how CNN was trying to make sure Bush got seen in good light? Well, it appears that bloggers have once again made a political impact -- they are releasing the footage as Creative Commons. Of course, Obama probably had more to do with it.

A webcomic author is investigated as a terrorist... Yeah, make sure you don't criticize the authority, eh?

FFVII inside SecondLife?

Did you wonder how Dino's credit card number was stolen from TJMaxx/Marshalls? (and yes, she did get the letter from the bank). In similar news, it looks like the TSA is next.

Looks like the USA and Brazil may soon be at odds.

Can some please explain to be why anyone is offended by this picture?

Some unemployed guy (using local stores and ebay) won $200k from NASA for his spacesuit glove design.

The US Govt is trying to protect illegal sharing of information.

Harvard Law to fight RIAA.... very nice :) Of course, Congress is on the RIAA's side.

IBM lays off 40% of their US employees in order to outsource to Asia. Wonder if it has anything to do with their new breakthrough.

Simple yet effective

A followup to the Digg article with Kevin Rose. They of course are talking about this.

OOooh. Can I incorporate this into my own AI?

More fun toys.... this time with power charging...

A PC World editor resigned when ordered to NOT criticize advertisers.

What's the latest news in really stupid patents? Breakpoints in your code.

It looks like I don't want to work at Google after all. Sucks, cuz I was really hoping they weren't evil...

Now this is the way to get good tech support.

Oooh. Live longer without giving up chocolate :)

A homeless man took out a subway and the internet2 with a cigarette.

This sounds like the kind of fuel cell that Oregon would have came up with -- it involves beer.

Oooh, Jupiter flyby.

Western Digital My Book World Edition

So, when Dino and I were at the event last night, we picked up the WD MyBook World Edition. We specifically got the one that had a gigabit ethernet jack... Now before I forget, they also didn't give us a store receipt OR a credit card receipt... And it was almost $300.

Anyways, so I go to install it, and it requires some freaking Windows software to access this network drive... Yep, if you want to access via the NIC (instead of the USB or Firewire) you have to install drivers... wtf? exactly.

Anyways, so the software installs (but doesn't see the drive)... We try it on Dino's machine. Both say they need to reboot, so we do. Dino's machine refused to boot up for about 10 minutes - not sure why - even after pulling the plug.... Anyways, after booting, both of them say "A driver that is required by MioNet software cannot be opened until the computer has been rebooted" WTF? We just rebooted. Piece o'shit.

Did I mention that I have JDK 7 installed and they install JDK 4 (which is end-of-lifed and unsupported)?

Anyways, there is this little paper that says to please call tech support before returning it to the store... Not a bad idea, since the store didn't give me a receipt. Except that I have been on hold with Western Digital now for 45 minutes and as of yet have not -- oh, they are answering now.

I explained the issue to him a couple times. He transferred me to an advanced tech. I explained the issue to them. Been waiting on hold again for awhile. Well, it looks like it can be accessed via \\MyBookWorld or http://mybookworld/ -- that is... if he had told me the username/pwd before I got off the phone with him. WTF is the default username/pwd? Manual, what manual??? Ooooh... The tiny link at the bottom of the MioNet installer... Gotcha... Default is: admin/123456.... Ok, fine (changed it anyways).

Ah, there it is... default workgroup name 'workgroup'... duh - that's why it didn't show up. Fix that... Ok, well, I am going to assume it is going to work and just work on it now.... That was my adventure so far this morning....
Total Running Time: 3 hours

05 May 2007

Trying out jMonkeyEngine

So I decided to try out jMonkeyEngine today... I installed it, built it, and... oh wait, tests won't run. Why not? OH, cuz there is only 32-bit versions of LWJGL... Kinda lame, but OK - I'll just download the... what? There is no 64-bit versions of LWJGL? WTF? Ok, fine, I'll build that too.... Oh, it requires JInput to build... Fine, I'll... shit, got to build that too. Does nobody have xp64 built binaries? JInput requires JUtils.jar??? Oh, that's OK, I can build that one.

So here's the steps I have taken so far to unsuccessfully get jME working on my machine. And before you ask, no, I have no 32-bit machines.

Let's get some common directories here so I can shortcut them:
(JUTIL) = C:\development\cvs-devel\jutils
(JINPUT) = C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput
(M$SDK)=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2
(VC++)=C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC

Ok, start off with building (JUTIL) -- simple enough, they have an Ant script

Now, (JINPUT)\README.txt says I have to put a copy of (JUTIL)\bin\jutils.jar into (JINPUT)\coreAPI\lib and (JINPUT)\plugins\DX8\lib. They did forget to mention that their Ant build script doesn't automatically add those to the CLASSPATH, so don't forget to add it manually (I did it at the command line instead of the build script since I wanted to make sure not to screw up their script yet).

Now, (JINPUT) requires installing Visual C++ express edition (I also installed the service pack),
Windows SDK [did the AMD64 one], and the DirectX SDK. I can't tell you how annoyed I am to install a lot of Micro$oft tools in order to build a Java component. VERY annoying. Almost enough to say screw the whole lot of them and move onto something else...

Then, according to this article, I opened VC++, went into Tools | Options, into Projects and Solutions, into VC++ Directories, and added these to the appropriate sections:
Executable files: (M$SDK)\Bin
Include files: (M$SDK)\Include
Library files: (M$SDK)\Lib

Well, I know I am going to have to get 'cl.exe' on the path... so I added (VC++)\bin to my PATH environment variable. While I was at it, I moved DirectX to the end of the PATH cuz I hate when it prepends instead of appends on installation.

Ok, so let's try this again. Open a command prompt (with the new PATH variable), go into (JINPUT), add (JUTIL)\bin\jutils.jar to the CLASSPATH. ant clean. ant.

C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\build.xml:87: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\build.xml:63: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\windows\build.xml:50: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\windows\src\native\build.xml:55: The following error occurred while executing this line:
C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\windows\src\native\build.xml:10: apply returned: 128

Well, hell... what the f*)^ is 'apply returned: 128'? It's probably a return code. Quick check of the build.xml and it looks like it was trying to run 'cl.exe'. Ok, fine. 'cl.exe[ret]'...

This application has failed to start because mspdb80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Well, hell... Ok, screw that. Start|All Programs|Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition|Visual Studio Tools|Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt. update classpath, clean and ant.

[echo] C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\common\src\native
[apply] util.c
[apply] c:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\common\src\native\util.h(44) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Basetsd.h': No such file or directory


Ok, fine. That file is in 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2\Include'... Hmmm... Put those 3 variables from before in PATH, LIB and INCLUDE.... Now PATH was obvious, but LIB and INCLUDE didn't already exist, so I hope it will be smart enough to look there. Otherwise, I might have to update the build file.

[echo] C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\wintab\src\native
[echo] wintab: C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\wintab\src\native\${env.WINTAB_DIR}
[apply] net_java_games_input_WinTabContext.c
[apply] C:\development\cvs-devel\jinput\plugins\wintab\src\native\net_java_games_input_WinTabContext.c(6) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'wintab.h': No such file or directory

Where the hell is that file? Screw it, I am done for today. I think it is time for breakfast or chai or.... game or something....

What steps are left?

Figure out how to get (JINPUT) built. Copy it's output into (LWJGL). Build (LWJGL) and copy its output into (JME)... Try the demos.

If anyone has prebuilt binaries for XP64, I am more than happy to uninstall all the C++ crap. I'd much rather not have any copies of Micro$oft Visual C++ on my machine.

Of course, if these components were built into the JDK, there would be no need to go through all this hassle to get a freaking Java program working. I *really* hate relying on a C++ build environment to run a Java program. Very bad plan.

03 May 2007

Colbert and Oregon

For any of those who feel like Stephen has been ignoring us, this interview was from a year ago next week.

02 May 2007

OS Elections Initiative, Referendum and Referral News

Do you feel like you are the last to know about some upcoming ballot initiative? Well, I found the State's email list to notify you of new initiatives, etc....

Letter to Washington County Elections Division

From: Malachi de Ælfweald
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2007 11:01 PM
To: A&T Elections
Subject: C/O Mickie Kawai

Over the last few years, I have been noticing the low voter turnout, and have been considering what we could do to improve these numbers. One of the major ideas is for the ability of voters to be able to vote via an online system (from home, work, coffee shops, libraries, schools, etc).

Instead of trying to get such a system in place at a National level all at once, I was thinking it might be more realistic to get this type of system in place at a Local level.

I was wondering if you would be able to provide any guidance on what I would need to do to pursue this. Is there a specific team in your department that I should join? A specific county commission I should work with?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Malachi de AElfweald

Unfortunately, we (at the county level) cannot institute a different type of voting method. Online voting has been discussed for the last few years, but does not have the support nor the 'secrecy' in place to allow such a mechanism.
Oregon's voting equipment and systems must all be certified by the State of Oregon; but before reaching Oregon, it must also be certified by the Federal Election Commission. That said, Oregon has tried some 'pilot' projects. These projects have been developed by the Secretary of State Elections Division with various joint interest groups.
Another angle to put forth an idea has always been to contact your State Representative or State Senator. The idea then may progress to becoming a bill that will reach the legislative floor and possibly initiate a motion to implement.
I hope this helps some. You're welcome to call anytime, and we can discuss some of the issues that surrrounds 'electronic' voting.
elections manager

Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0 (by Kevin Rose)

In an effort to ensure that information stays public a little longer, I am copying the contents of his blog comment instead of just linking to it this time.

Great Job Kevin!

Today was an insane day. And as the founder of Digg, I just wanted to post my thoughts…

In building and shaping the site I’ve always tried to stay as hands on as possible. We’ve always given site moderation (digging/burying) power to the community. Occasionally we step in to remove stories that violate our terms of use (eg. linking to pornography, illegal downloads, racial hate sites, etc.). So today was a difficult day for us. We had to decide whether to remove stories containing a single code based on a cease and desist declaration. We had to make a call, and in our desire to avoid a scenario where Digg would be interrupted or shut down, we decided to comply and remove the stories with the code.

But now, after seeing hundreds of stories and reading thousands of comments, you’ve made it clear. You’d rather see Digg go down fighting than bow down to a bigger company. We hear you, and effective immediately we won’t delete stories or comments containing the code and will deal with whatever the consequences might be.

If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.

Digg on,


Note: Slashdot coverage

News from the Net

NASA finally deals with ethical issues.

OpenBSD 4.1 released.

Jersey Turnpike to harvest wind from cars passing by.

Mathematica 6 launched.

I had never heard of cymatics, but this demo is an interesting video.

Sector size changes from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes.

Lip-reading surveillance cameras.

Google once again breaks their vow to not be evil.

Oh look, Bush is justifying himself calling the following countries terrorists: Russia, China, Argentina, Chile, Egypt, India, Israel, Lebanon, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Phone taps lead to more encryption.

Interesting... An open-source hardware development tool.

This one's for Brett -- fossilized forest in Illinois

Ever tried Linux and thought, "damn, I wish it had driver XYZ"? Well, this guy sure did something about it.

I like the commentator's comments on this one... Micro$oft puts their foot in their mouth and justifies pirated copies of Windows.

See! I told you!!! Looks like schools will start adding DDR to gym class.

You like those Compact Florescent Lightbulbs (I don't - they only last a few weeks in this house)? Well, better hope you don't break one.