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29 June 2010

99 Eclipse RS - $2500/OBO/Trade

I replaced my 99 Eclipse RS with a newer model awhile back and its time to sell this. Kelley Blue Book says it is worth $2110-2685 in its current state. I'm looking for $2500 OBO, or possibly trade for a good truck.

Jen has been driving it consistently, so it has not been sitting gathering dust. I asked her what is currently wrong with it and she said: "Dent behind driver door (in picture). Oil is getting past the rings and burning in the cylinders. Brakes will need work soon but not squealing yet. Blinker is out."

It has 139209 miles on it. Clean/clear title. Carfax report printed and available. If you have any questions, let me know.

21 June 2010


So I was checking on the current status of the WebM project and decided to download the latest beta of Opera so that I could check out their WebM demo video.  I have to say, even though it is a parade, I was pleasantly surprised by their choice of musical score.