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31 January 2005

27 January 2005

Standards and specs: A house divided

"What happens when two coalitions within a standards committee come into conflict, and the dispute doesn't get resolved quickly? The ultrawideband technology standardization issue shows you."

26 January 2005

Gosling on the various Java debates/rumours

My title says it all. Check out this snippet on his blog to see the behind-the-scenes response to many of the rumours (many of which I have read).

24 January 2005


Nice. Saw some screenshots in the Swing Sightings. I'll have to look at this more closely for going trees for games.

18 January 2005

ACM Queue - Extensible Programming for the 21st Century - Is an open, more flexible programming environment just around the corner?

This quote at the end feels.... inspiring?

"Making programming tools pluggable frameworks would be useful across the board, and I believe it is essential for supporting extensible languages. To see why, we must look at what extensibility means, and where it has been successful."