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17 March 2008

Creating iPhone Ringtones on the PC

1. Open iTunes, Edit, Preferences
2. Click on Advanced tab
3. Click on Import subtab
4. Change Import Using to WAV, click OK
5. Right-click on a song and Convert Selection to WAV
6. Open the WAV file in Audacity
7. Select 25 seconds of the song and Export Selection (as WAV)
8. Open iTunes, Edit, Preferences, Advanced, Import - change to Import using AAC, OK
9. Open the newly created song with iTunes
10. Right-click on a song and Convert Selection to AAC
11. In Windows Explorer, rename the .m4a to .m4r
12. Double-click on the .m4r file
13. Sync the iPhone
14. Go into Settings, Sounds, Ringtones - Custom ringtones are at the very top
15. If it was not listed in step 14, Reboot the iPhone then try step 14 again

13 March 2008


Yesterday, I received my letter from MIT saying that I was not accepted for admittance this year.