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30 September 2004

OpenBSD release song lyrics

Ok, these are just great. There are a couple that I really like, but I won't tell you which ones so that you have to listen to them all.

19 September 2004

Amazon's New Search Engine: Home Page

From what I gather, it actually uses Google to get its results (although the results are slightly different)... They added functionality like Bookmarks and History to the page. Kinda interesting.

15 September 2004

07 September 2004

HIVE: goth | industrial | darkwave

Hmmm. looks like I am going to have to check this out. Too bad we have to get up at 5am MON morning to go to work.

Property Bureau

Hmmm. wonder if I can find anything cheap on there...

School Zones SB179

So, this is pretty screwed up... Sometime in the middle of the night, they changed the signage in front of schools (effectively changing the speed limit for times when school was NOT in session) and then started giving people tickets from breaking the new speed limits that were just posted. Whatever happened to putting up signs like the "Traffic Control Change Ahead" -- shouldn't they have put some orange flag or something so people would realize that the speed limit changed since they went out for coffee or dinner? Very questionable strategy if you ask me.

03 September 2004

Which Java-Enabled Phone?

As a Java Developer, I think I am going to be leaving Verizon Wireless when my contract ends in February (they not only don't allow Java, but if you want to do C, you have to pay $1000 for a license to develop and app for them to decide whether you are allowed to upload it).... I'd like to switch to AT&T/Cingular, I think, as all the others have fallen short of my expectations already... any opinions on which phone?

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Waloti Meadows

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