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22 September 2007

Wonky Shizzinit pt deux

You might remember what happened the last time I tried to reboot.

Well, as it happens, I had to reboot again today (yes, it was the first time since the last post). And lo and behold, the same friggin problem.

After a few attempts to get timing right, here's how I got it to boot this time:
As soon as the Windows progress bar starts, hammer the F8 button until it finally boots into Windows

05 September 2007

News from the Net

The UK wants a national DNA database -- which would include visitors.

OOh - robotic telecommuting.

More info is available about New Mexico's new terminal. You know, the term 'spaceport' seems a lot cooler than 'space terminal' - they should use that instead :)

Looks like Comcast may get busted for forgery (impersonation). In similar news, Belgium is suing the Church of Scientology for being a criminal organization.

Why would it be illegal to sell pollution free cars in most states?

Want to make your own heart valves?

The govt says that China hacked the Pentagon. So do we believe that: 1) they did and the pentagon has shitty security; or 2) they didn't do it and they are just using this as an excuse for Bush to claim dictatorship per his recent survivorship changes? I guess there is also 3) that they are getting ready to start another war a'la 9/11 based on the cyberattacks like they simulated happening a few years ago.

Ground based telescopes now better than the Hubble.

Head of Columbia Records outs Sony.

Want to try out Google Earth's Flight Simulator?

01 September 2007