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26 March 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Local net TV takes off in Austria

Hell yeah!

Language Log: Europe's response to Google to be managed by... Microsoft?

This definitely lowers my opinion of the French government. Who in their right mind would even ADMIT to have similar beliefs to Bill Gates?

Wired News: It's Not Graffiti, It's Grafedia

This is really kewl. Obviously it can be taken to an extreme -- but the concept has promise. Specifically, I like the idea that they start blurring the boundaries and the concept of the grass-roots thing.

subfuzz :: the us-ophone :: john geraci

Ok, we need to do this and go dancing.

Slashdot | SF RoboGames This Weekend

Nice. Wish I could be there.

20 March 2005

Slashdot | Wisconsin Researchers Create Nano-Bio-Circuits

Interesting. will have to read it when I get a chance.

Slashdot | Orrin Hatch to Lead Senate Panel on Copyright, Patents

Looks like the asshole is at it again. He should never be allowed to have a position of power.


You know, one of my dentists had used the air-injection... I really prefer them... however, my current dentist said they aren't legal. sure are less painful though.

14 March 2005

08 March 2005

Student in High School zombie terror threat | The Register

Getting arrested for terrorism because you write a short story about zombies for a high school English class? If that isn't completely against the freedom of speech, I don't know what is. Friggin police.