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31 August 2010

Homebrew Cray-1a

Personally, I think that is pretty cool.  Makes me want to watch War Games (I not II) all over again.

04 August 2010

Photo "Radar"

On the way to work this morning, I was stopped (at the red light, not by a cop) at the intersection in front of Fred Meyers in Beaverton.  There was a truck stopped next to me and 1 car stopped in the opposing traffic.  None of the cars were moving and there were no cars in the intersection.  There was one pedestrian half way across the intersection, and his countdown timer said he had 5 seconds left when all the sudden FLASH pause FLASH FLASH.

Ok, I could understand if it is just buggy code that somehow thought a pedestrian legally walking in the crosswalk was actually a car illegally crossing the intersection.  Well, no I can't.

From my perspective, there seems to be only a few options to explain this situation:
1) The code controlling those lights is VERY buggy in which case everything they catch should be thrown out
2) They randomly take pictures and claim it was a violation -- in which case everything they catch should be thrown out
3) They are being used to take pictures of pedestrians for a more T.I.A. approach and the public should be outraged at their misuse.