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30 June 2005

XFN - XHTML Friends Network

This is an interesting concept that requires further evaluation.

Google Maps API Documentation

I think I am going to have to find a really good use for this... maybe some LARP/GPS/GoogleMap combo?

Slashdot | Liquid Hydrogen UAV

Liquid Hydrogen vehicles...? nice :)

Slashdot | Open CRS: Free Government Research Reports


As an example, from one of the documents about electronic voting and fraud:

Open CRS Network - CRS Reports for the People
Election Reform and Electronic Voting Systems (DREs): Analysis of Security Issues

November 04, 2003
"Several proposals have been made to improve the security of DREs and other computer-assisted voting systems. They include (1) ensuring that accepted security protocols are followed appropriately, (2) improving security standards and certification of voting systems, (3) use of opensource computer code, and (4) improvements in verifiability and transparency." Clever Tricks with MythTV

Some interesting advice... HomeWiki and Neural Nets.. hmmm. there might be something there...

O'Reilly: Building My MythTV Box, Part 1: Hardware

Pretty good review of what went right/wrong. Only wish is that he would have included the prices.

Also, without a CableCARD, he still has to use the Comcast(et-al) provided Receiver, right?

Technology News: Personal Tech : Sun Enters Laptop Game

I'd be tempted to try a Sun laptop.

29 June 2005

PREN Portland Regional Educational Network

These were the ones that originally offered EOTI a connection.

National LambdaRail: About

"National LambdaRail will let people in the academic community experiment with network protocols and the basic network infrastructure in a way they haven't since the ARPAnet"

We soooo need to get EOTI into this.

Wired News: Net Pioneer Wants New Internet

Oh, I want to participate!!!

Slashdot | Java to Appear in Next-Gen DVD players

Oh, I am so torn.

On one hand, I *need* a DVD player with Java.

On the other hand, I refuse to buy any more Panasonic crap. In case you are wondering why, I went to RMA a 5-disc changer and a PowerDrive2. They wanted $160/device TO TELL ME how much they would charge me. Screw that.

28 June 2005

The Coral Content Distribution Network

hmmm. maybe this was it... I think it is the same basic idea, though I don't think it is the one I saw before.

Free file hosting by

Hmm. this could be useful... although, I wish I could find that old slashdot post about that place that will cache yours (so that we aren't limited to 14 days)...

Welcome to NERO, Slashdot!

I'm so curious.... As a programmer into doing Game AI... very interested... hmmm...

Slashdot | Supreme Court Rules against Grokster

"'One who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright ... is liable for the resulting acts of infringement by third parties using the device, regardless of the device's lawful uses.'"

Hmmm.. who's doing to determine whether "the object of promoting its use" is "to infringe copyright"? I mean, if I write some new software that is designed specifically to give you personal privacy on the net, can they say that the primary object is to promote copyright infringement because no one else needs to keep themselves private?

Friggin A. Where did all our freedoms go? What would it take to get our freedoms back?

Boffins create zombie dogs | The Other Side | Breaking News 24/7 - (27-06-2005)

ok, that's a little creepy. altough I can see the possible cryogenic benefits -- zombie dogs.. human trials.. sounds a little Resident Evil to me ;)

26 June 2005

Cerulean Studios: The Creators of Trillian and Trillian Pro IM Clients

Wait, Trillian Basic won't allow webcam usage? Friggin A. Don't they realize that would be the primary reason someone would close Trillian to use MSN?

I miss Tribal PowWow.

Screw Trillian then, I will find an alternative. Maybe go back to pulver.Communicator or see if I can find an open source one.

25 June 2005 - Freeport moves to seize 3 properties

Damn, didn't realize the ruling allowed for the city to take the private property to use FOR private property, that is fucked up.


Want to know where the money is going? According to page 121, more went to "defense" then EVERYTHING else combined.

The Associated Press: Ambush Focuses Attention on Women in Iraq

Kerry asked that I pass this on to Kimmy. I can't send her a message right now, so logging this for later.

24 June 2005

:: Reviews : Tux conducts your home orchestra: The Sonos Digital Music System

wonder how well this would mix with a build-your-own-pvr.

Monopoly Live

hehe, that is just too good

UMass Amherst News

"They also have the ability to convert human and animal wastes or renewable biomass into electricity."

Now, if we utilize something like this so put power back on the grid.....

HOW-TO: Get the most out of your Sony AIBO - Engadget -

I have never considered getting an AIBO, but now... maybe...

MIT physicists create new form of matter - MIT News Office

this is really kewl. I hope it leads to room-temperature superconductors

deviantART: where ART meets application!

Want to check out some art?

Legal advice on Medical Marijuana Prg

Ok, so the feds pass a law keeping states from calling the shots. The attorney general tells the state not to change anything. The state is no longer going to provide protection against federal prosecution. Oh, and the news just said the feds are busting all the medical marijuana patients in northern california.

So, why don't they prevent doctors' from prescribing morphine and such? Must be getting paid off my pharmaceuticals (sp).

22 June 2005

Hehe, this is too good

Following that Onion 2056 link to here then to telepath1's blog, I saw his first post and thought it was quite funny, especially when you get to the last comment:

(At my birthday dinner tonight, my mother informed me that she now reads this blog. Hi Mom! Thanks for the I-Pod. Have fun in Mongolia!)

Along with that was a picture, but in case it gets deleted,
here it is for posterity.

The Onion 2056

That's just too funny

20 June 2005

Secret life of the OpenSolaris code: ZDNet Australia: News: Software

That's just funny ;)

Second Life: Islands

You know, I saw Second Life a few years ago, but never really considered getting into it... Maybe now though, it might be worth it. Get a few people (Me, Dino, Brenden, Kuntz, Kerry, Elaine, etc) to have our own Island, or maybe for EOTI. Wonder if we could make it worth it. I mean, in theory, we could make our own games (RPG, Card, whatever), office location, private community (homes)... hell, we could even do interactive classrooms. Might be kinda fun. Wonder if I would get bored of it as fast as I got bored of some of the other MMORPGs...

As an example of what could be done, check out this ;)

19 June 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | 'Teleporting' over the internet

Sounds like fun -- I want one!

Slashdot | New Model Solves Grandfather Paradox

Why do they always have to come up with such complex solutions? Haven't they ever heard of Occam's Razor? Simplest answer and all that? Wouldn't it be a simpler explanation if 'changing the past' just switched with dimensional track you were on (ie: in the dimension you move to, that is exactly what happened) -- or even more simply, that time is simply an illusionary filter that we use to help us better deal with the overstimulation around us, and that time is not truly linear -- in which case there is no paradoxes at all? - Google Set to Offer Payment Service to Compete With eBay's PayPal

Since I refuse to use Paypal anymore (look at for some reasons why) -- maybe this would be good.

DigitalCamera@101reviews � Digital Clock as Thin as Paper

I remember these people. They were one of the first with OLED. Sounds like they are using Passive OLED -- nice.

Channel9 Wiki: MSHWiki

Hmmm, wonder what kind of exploits this will cause.

17 June 2005

Thomas Jefferson

You know, when various things come up (like Bush's recent incitement to go to war with Iran now), I keep looking through my old blogs trying to find the references to Thomas Jefferson so I can use them as my signature. Well, so that I can actually find it this time, perhaps I will make sure there is an entry with his name in it ;)

JS/UIX - Terminal

This is friggin awesome! I love it!

Hmm. mix this with Uplink... hmmm. that could be fun.

Slashdot | DOJ Wants ISPs to Retain All Customer Records

And who is going to pay for all the storage space? When I write server software, I have it use rolling logs -- does this ruling mean that rolling logs become illegal? Or what about turning off logging all together so there are no records to retain?

Microsoft meets the hackers | CNET

This is kinda kewl. When we were at SOU (SOSC at the time), the IT department did this to Tony and Me as well. It was really kewl, because they started listening to any suggestions we had after that. Maybe this will start to have that impact?

16 June 2005

Second Life and the virtual property boom from Guardian Unlimited: Gamesblog

Although not what the article actually talks about, this quote caught my attention:

Why is it that Western capitalism sometimes seem to work and sometimes it doesn’t? Western capitalists would say that some developing countries have everything associated with Western capitalism, but why do they still have a low GDP? DeSoto concludes that the answer starts at the bottom, not at the top. What it all has to do with is land. The number one creator of new business in the US is second mortgage on property. The fundamental basis of a successful developing nation is property ownership. If people cannot own property, the wheels of western capitalism can’t turn from the bottom.

Introduction to Reverse Engineering Software

we should then discuss general approaches, so that it is within every motivated user's ability to obtain information locked inside the black box

Hehe. Now that's funny.

Slashdot | House Limits Patriot Act Rules on Library Records

Wow - now that's a surprise. Then again, it is the House, not the Senate -- but still...


13 June 2005

NeoCon Global Government

Brenden sent me this. damn...

I can see it now (in regards to the "any international organization"):
Walmart will reside next to your hut. Resistance is futile


I'd love to get in on this action... programming AIs for that kind of cash. Wow. Nice.

11 June 2005

09 June 2005

Slashdot | Rail Guns Closer to Reality

The previous ones shot metal shrapnel... shooting a shock wave.. that fast... wow... and the side effects of getting hit with it?

wonder how well that would work on the front of a space ship to deal with impending collisions...

Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act | Senate panel votes to expand Patriot Act | | CNET

1. it sounds like someone in the FBI knows how the Military Courts work, as this seems to be very similar

2. if the records literally don't exist (like in the case of rolling-logs), do you go to jail for not providing the non-existant records? If so, perhaps the government should be forced to pay us to maintain unlimited amounts of data (give me lots of SATA-II drives)... I mean, realistically, why wouldn't this just encourage companies to quit maintaining records? or to make the records only accessible with the fingerprint of the person they are about, or....

06 June 2005

Wired 9.12: The Geek Syndrome

I don't believe in "curing" autism from our population, but this is an interesting read.

Slashdot | Google Launches Summer of Code

I really wish I had time to set EOTI up to mentor for this. Perhaps next year.

Slashdot | Mixed Reality Pacman

Ok, admittedly, I haven't read the article yet... but since I was thinking about doing something like this for LARP, this is awesome ;)

02 June 2005

Slashdot | Electric Cars as Fast as Ferraris

Ok, ok. I want this too ;)

SAMSUNG's Digital World - Press Release

Ok, it kinda sucks that it is active matrix (biggest advantage of OLED is that you don't have to refresh unless you are changing the picture -- but that advantage is lost on active matrix OLED) -- but.. I want one.