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17 December 2015

Hint Water v2

Recently, I posted about my attempt to start drinking water via Hint Water.

While I have not finished off the two cases I have received, I am to the point where I am drinking a bottle a day, on average.  I've decided to try some additional flavors.  Once I narrow down my preferred flavors, I'm likely to do a subscription - so I'd prefer to be able to compare and contrast.

The new flavors on the way:
  • crisp apple
  • peach
  • grapefruit fizz
  • pomegranate
  • blood orange
  • peppermint

23 November 2015

Hint Water

As most of you probably know, I don't really drink water. Ever.  I know I should, but it usually tastes like I am drinking burnt charcoal.  I have tried quite a few different types and brands.  There have been a couple that tasted OK, but had more sugar than my soda.  Most were just downright bad.  Climbing up Mt Shasta and drinking runoff was much better than any of the bottled water I had tried.

Nevertheless, I know I need to.

A month or two ago, I bought a bottle of the Blackberry Hint water from a Kaiser vending machine.  It wasn't bad.  I think I could actually handle it cold.  So what's the damage?  Checking the back - no sweeteners (diet or otherwise), no juice, no anything really. 

So, I've decided to give this a shot.  I ordered (no one near my house carries it) 6 different flavors.  I'll post an update as I try each one.  Here are the ones I am trying initially:

  • blackberry hint water (the one I know I liked)
  • blackberry hint fizz (will try one fizz, based on the one I like, before trying the others. in general, I don't like sparkling water)
  • raspberry hint water
  • black raspberry hint kick (this one is caffeinated)
  • pineapple hint water
  • lemon cayenne hint kick (caffeinated)

Once I decide which flavors I like, I'll probably setup a regular subscription.  If I like enough of them, I may try the flavor-of-the-month subscription.

If you'd like to give them a shot, here's a $5 off coupon.