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06 April 2010

eBay seller: Pamela Vasquez

7:43:13 PM Customermalachid69
Initial Question/Comment: Completing a Transaction
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7:59:34 PM Customermalachid69
7:59:37 PM Customermalachid69
Malachi de AElfweald
7:59:55 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Thanks, Malachi! How may I help you today?
7:59:58 PM Customermalachid69
Hi. On Dec 19th, I purchased some books. On Jan 9th, I received 1/2 the books. I contacted the seller (email, phone and via ebay) and the seller said they would resolve it. There has been 10 messages (via ebay) over the last 4 months trying to get this resolved. I was hoping you could look at the messages between us and give me some advice on how to get this resolved. Seller name: pamelas_timeless_treasures. Item #380187763342.

Lot of 20 Choose Your Own Adventure Books CYOA PB
Sale price:$29.00
Estimated delivery:4-11 business days
Shipping & Handling:
US Postal Service Media Mail $5.50
US Postal Service Priority Mail $12.50
pamelas_timeless_treasures [contact seller]
Seller Information:
Pamela Vasquez
Lorain, OH 44055 United States

8:06:27 PM AgentJeaneth R.
I understand your concern, Malachi. I'd be happy to help you with that.
8:06:36 PM Customermalachid69
Thank you
8:06:37 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Can you please confirm if this is the item, Lot of 20 Choose Your Own Adventure Books CYOA PB?
8:06:51 PM Customermalachid69
yes that is correct
8:07:16 PM Customermalachid69
I received a saran wrapped set of 1/2 the books -- not even a box
8:08:25 PM Customermalachid69
Received: 1 13 14 24 29 43 88 124 130 146
Missing: 10 16 18 27 44 83 132 137 148 and ? [only 19 were listed on the auction?]
8:09:18 PM AgentJeaneth R.
I see. Thanks for confirming that.
8:09:58 PM AgentJeaneth R.
So you have not resolved the problem with this listing right?
8:10:15 PM Customermalachid69
no and she has not responded to my last communication
8:10:29 PM Customermalachid69
last response from her was her saying she was going to refund me the money, but didn't do it
8:10:43 PM Customermalachid69
At this point, I no longer trust her to get this resolved
8:10:50 PM Customermalachid69
and I can no longer even leave negative feedback for her
8:13:13 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Yes, since the transaction has been over 60 days.
8:13:23 PM AgentJeaneth R.
I understand this is a difficult situation for you but because it has been over 60 days from the end of the transaction date, coverage for the protection program is not available anymore. You can only file a case for dispute within the 45 days of the transaction. If you fail to do so, we grant a one-time exception but only if the transaction hasn't been beyond 60 days. The 60-day period has gone by in your case and protection policy has lapsed, I'm sorry to say. We can't do anything more at this point but there are other channels where you can report this situation (file an IC3 compliant, report to local law enfrocement, etc.)
8:13:30 PM Customermalachid69
I am wondering if she was planning that from the beginning
8:14:29 PM Customermalachid69
well, it seems kinda stupid to report to local law enforcement for such a small amount
8:14:36 PM AgentJeaneth R.
I understand where you are coming from, Malachi. I can discuss further these other channels with you.
8:14:37 PM Customermalachid69
but I think she is probably doing this to other buyers as well
8:15:19 PM Customermalachid69
she said that she wrapped it in two groups and put them both in the same box so that they could get to me even if they became separated in the mail
8:15:28 PM Customermalachid69
and also said that it has never happened before
8:15:51 PM Customermalachid69
why would someone package for the eventuality that the box is opened and things separated if it has never happened?
8:16:29 PM Customermalachid69
on top of that -- the title of the auction didn't match the description of the auction
8:16:52 PM Customermalachid69
I am assuming there is nothing I can really do at this point ; but I think she is most likely doing the same thing to other customers
8:19:35 PM AgentJeaneth R.
I understand you can also report your seller to our Trust and Safety department for further investigation, so I also encourage you to file an IC3 compliant.
8:19:47 PM Customermalachid69
How do I do that?
8:21:16 PM AgentJeaneth R.
I'd be glad to give you the steps to that.
8:22:18 PM AgentJeaneth R.
One moment pleas.e
8:25:20 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Thanks for waiting.
8:25:45 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Please consider these 2 options:
Contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
Recommended for items over $100.00
File a claim from the IC3 website:
8:27:05 PM AgentJeaneth R.
The IC3 is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and National White Collar Crime Center. They will review complaints and refer you to the appropriate local, state, or federal agency.
Contact law enforcement

To find a law enforcement officer, go to
If a detective is assigned to the case, they can also contact us directly and we'll help with the investigation. The detective needs to go to the following page:
Recommended if your item is more than $200
8:27:33 PM Customermalachid69
What about your Trust and Safety Department? Can you forward the information to them?
8:28:44 PM AgentJeaneth R.
I wish to however, I'm afraid that I do not have the tool to do that on my end.
8:29:17 PM Customermalachid69
How do I report it?
8:29:24 PM AgentJeaneth R.
The best thing I can give you is the link where you can send your report to our Trust & Safety team.
8:29:37 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Please hold while I get it for you.
8:29:37 PM Customermalachid69
8:32:00 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Thanks for waiting.
8:32:05 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Here's the link for you to contact our Trust and Safety Department;
8:32:10 PM AgentJeaneth R.
Once you're on that page, you just have to click on the "Email us" link under Contact Customer Support.
8:32:17 PM Customermalachid69
thank you for your help