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29 November 2009

25 November 2009

Car Theft

Some of you may remember last year when Edward Vasquez broke into and tried to steal my car from outside of Embers. Lindsey had courageously fought him off, and the two of us have been dealing with court ( mostly cases being rescheduled ) ever since. The defense had even offered to bribe me $2500 to not show up to court. Well, a decision was finally made. He was sentenced to 24 months of probation. Not quite what I expected for a 3rd strike felony, but...

13 November 2009


Up to now, I have seen every Stargate episode - of each series.  It is sad that I no longer care if I miss an episode.  Stargate Universe has completely ruined the franchise for me.  I think the concept was doable - but execution was a bit lacking.  Why, for instance, does every episode feel more like an episode of Battlestar Galactica than Stargate?  It's partially the acting, partially the cinematography (if you can call it that), partially the overall look...  If I had wanted to watch BG, I would have rewatched the original (since the SciFi, er SyFy? one sucked).  I expected a lot more out of the Stargate franchise and will miss the enthusiasm I once had for new episodes.

09 November 2009

Another Sun service bites the dust

They may say that it has nothing to do with Oracle, but we have all been predicting these things since the announcement....

We regret to inform you that on November 30th, 2009 we will be suspending the zembly service.

More than three years ago, we started this project with the goal of making it easy to create next-generation Web apps. Our original tagline was "Build the web, using the web," and the ideas we were incubating around platform-mediated Web applications, Web API mashups, and social programming were brand new.
We learned a lot along the way. Your confidence and enthusiasm helped us improve the project and do amazing things that we never imagined when we began this journey.
Thank you to everyone who's been with us through the ups and downs. It's heartening to see that many of the best ideas pioneered in zembly have started to appear elsewhere. With your support, we're proud to have contributed to the DNA of the Web.
For more information about the zembly suspension, please refer to the FAQ section at
Finally, if you have questions, please contact us at
All the best,
-- The zembly team
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
4150 Network Circle
Santa Clara, CA 9505