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13 November 2009


Up to now, I have seen every Stargate episode - of each series.  It is sad that I no longer care if I miss an episode.  Stargate Universe has completely ruined the franchise for me.  I think the concept was doable - but execution was a bit lacking.  Why, for instance, does every episode feel more like an episode of Battlestar Galactica than Stargate?  It's partially the acting, partially the cinematography (if you can call it that), partially the overall look...  If I had wanted to watch BG, I would have rewatched the original (since the SciFi, er SyFy? one sucked).  I expected a lot more out of the Stargate franchise and will miss the enthusiasm I once had for new episodes.

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  1. True. very True. There are good moments, but they focus on the drama way too much. if Atlantis was still running then this show would be dead already.