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27 January 2010

Oregon votes against Mom & Pop shops

With the passage of measure 66 and 67, Oregon voters have effectively helped Oregon loose more business to Delaware. Now, if your hole-in-the-wall store makes no money (say, not one single customer) or you in fact loose money, you get to pay an additional $150 in taxes! Yay!  Since Oregon's minimum tax is now equal to Delaware's maximum tax, make sure to consider registering your business outside of Oregon, especially if you are doing an internet-based business.

22 January 2010

Move Over or Slow Down Law

The news reported that police are out in force today, fining people $382 for a new law that passed a couple weeks ago.  No, this isn't the new cell phone law (in which they are also ticketing people for something we didn't know came into existence a couple weeks ago) -- it's the "Move Over or Slow Down Law".  Usually, I wouldn't be concerned about this as I do pull over or slow down when I see ambulances or police with their lights on or whatever, but this law also applies to vehicles with the amber lights on -- like tow trucks.

Drivers must now move over to a non adjacent lane (or slow down) when approaching the rear of a tow truck or roadside assistance vehicle that is providing assistance to a disabled vehicle on the roadway. The original law covers police, fire and ambulance vehicles.

Now, you must move over if possible to another available lane (or slow down if you can't move over or if the move would be unsafe) when approaching the rear of an Emergency vehicle, tow truck or roadside assistance vehicle that has it's amber, red or blue flashers activated.

Slow down means reducing your vehicles speed by at least five miles per hour below the posted speed of the roadway.  HB 2040 requires drivers to slow down at least 5 mph below the posted speed if making a lane change (moving over) is unsafe or impossible (i.e. two-lane road.)
Most importantly, drivers should be alert. If you can safely move over when approaching a disabled vehicle receiving assistance, do so. If you can't, then slow down!
The fine for this violation is currently $287.00 ($400.00 if the location is within a Safety Corridor, School Zone or Work Zone).
The Law (adding tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles) Becomes Effective: 

January 1, 2010

A partnership between the Oregon State Police and the Oregon Department of
Transportation regarding the "Move Over" law has created new media
opportunities and additional public outreach materials which are posted below.  The Zip File was created to allow you to download all available Oregon Media
related to the "Move Over" Law.

19 January 2010

Cass Sunstein

Ok, let me get this straight...  to prevent people from believing in a conspiracy theory, you want to publicly have the government infiltrate the websites, social networks and hangouts of those people who think the government is out to get them....  idiot.

Willow Garage Gives Away 10 Free Robots to Jumpstart Open Source Revolution

I thought this was cool, so thought I would share...  from Singularity Hub:

If you were a robotics developer, why would you want to apply for Willow Garage’s deal? For starters, the PR2 robot is a high quality machine. It has two sophisticated arms capable of grasping, lifting, and coordinated work. It can also see what it’s doing. According to its specs, it has two laser scanners, half a dozen cameras, and arrays of other sensors. Just as important as the hardware, however, is the software. PR2 is fully compliant with ROS, and other open source robotics code supplied by a vast community robotics experts.

16 January 2010

AMD and Intel Announce Settlement of All Antitrust and IP Disputes

Wonder what this will do for 'competitive prices'.

Intel Corporation and Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD) today announced a comprehensive agreement to end all outstanding legal disputes between the companies, including antitrust litigation and patent cross license disputes.

03 January 2010

Tesla Motors IPO

Came across this link today which said that Tesla Motors was going to be going IPO soon.  No specific date yet, but I want in on that action!