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07 May 2007

Western Digital My Book World Edition

So, when Dino and I were at the event last night, we picked up the WD MyBook World Edition. We specifically got the one that had a gigabit ethernet jack... Now before I forget, they also didn't give us a store receipt OR a credit card receipt... And it was almost $300.

Anyways, so I go to install it, and it requires some freaking Windows software to access this network drive... Yep, if you want to access via the NIC (instead of the USB or Firewire) you have to install drivers... wtf? exactly.

Anyways, so the software installs (but doesn't see the drive)... We try it on Dino's machine. Both say they need to reboot, so we do. Dino's machine refused to boot up for about 10 minutes - not sure why - even after pulling the plug.... Anyways, after booting, both of them say "A driver that is required by MioNet software cannot be opened until the computer has been rebooted" WTF? We just rebooted. Piece o'shit.

Did I mention that I have JDK 7 installed and they install JDK 4 (which is end-of-lifed and unsupported)?

Anyways, there is this little paper that says to please call tech support before returning it to the store... Not a bad idea, since the store didn't give me a receipt. Except that I have been on hold with Western Digital now for 45 minutes and as of yet have not -- oh, they are answering now.

I explained the issue to him a couple times. He transferred me to an advanced tech. I explained the issue to them. Been waiting on hold again for awhile. Well, it looks like it can be accessed via \\MyBookWorld or http://mybookworld/ -- that is... if he had told me the username/pwd before I got off the phone with him. WTF is the default username/pwd? Manual, what manual??? Ooooh... The tiny link at the bottom of the MioNet installer... Gotcha... Default is: admin/123456.... Ok, fine (changed it anyways).

Ah, there it is... default workgroup name 'workgroup'... duh - that's why it didn't show up. Fix that... Ok, well, I am going to assume it is going to work and just work on it now.... That was my adventure so far this morning....
Total Running Time: 3 hours