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30 May 2007

2008 Presidential Candidates

List of 2008 Presidential Candidates gathered from Wikipedia).

Democratic Party

Joe Biden: he's out for being an early supporter of the Iraq war. He's also responsible for creating the "Drug Czar".

Hillary Clinton: she's out for authorizing Bush to use force in Iraq and starting the FEPA.

Christopher Dodd: he's out as an Enron lackey (too bad, cuz he dated Princess Leia ;)

John Edwards: he's out for authorizing Bush to use force in Iraq

Mike Gravel: I think I am going to have to take a closer look at this guy... eliminate the IRS, allowing the public to create federal ballots, etc

Dennis Kucinich: anti-Iraq war, anti-Patriot act, anti-Diebold, pro-instant runoff voting, and impeaching Cheney. Although many good issues, his plan to ban handguns by civilians seems unconstitutional so he is out.

Barack Obama: pro-Mexican fence, anti-Lobbyist-ownership. His comment about god wanting him to run really made me nervous though - I expect that he will cave to Christian propaganda so he is out.

Bill Richardson: signed medical marijuana and anti-sexual orientation discrimination laws in... need to look closer at his voting history.

Wesley Clark: admitted that the Iraq war had nothing to do with WMD or regime change; but he also talked highly of Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice... ie: he can't be trusted so he is out.

Al Gore: I've heard so much over the years, I need to take a fresh look to decide on him

Republican Party

Sam Brownback: out due to being in the pocket of the church

John H. Cox: anti-War, anti-IRS, etc -- but he looses my vote because he thinks security is more important than civil liberties. Besides, he is a hyprocrite (says that he is for religious freedom, yet wants to ensure christian views of marriage) - he's out

Jim Gilmore: he's out for being pro-War

Rudy Giuliani: consistently censoring, lobbying for oil, and overall untrustworthy - out

Mike Huckabee: fiscally irresponsible, so he is out

Duncan Hunter: extremist regarding abortion, pornography, immigration; out for being a terrormonger

John McCain: even outside of his public opinion of the Bush administration and his indecency hypocracies, he hired a PNAC member and thus is out.

Ron Paul: anti-War, anti-Patriot Act, lied about taking money from PACs, pro-Fence, anti-IRS, and pro-abortion as a state right. He seems to have quite a following online. I am not happy with some of his views, but take a closer look.

Mitt Romney: flip flops on abortion, gay rights, etc - thus can't trust any election propaganda so he is out

Tom Tancredo: anti-family planning and thus pro underage poor mothers, and pro familial rapist being notified if the child tries to get an abortion, so he is out even though pro states rights and medical marijuana

Tommy Thompson: pro ability to fire people for being gay and corrupt (see health care profits) so he is out

Newt Gingrich: House Ethics Committee found him to be corrupt, so he is out

Chuck Hagel: seems to take the constitution as more important than Bush or the party. Said it was unpatriotic to NOT question the government. research him more.

Fred Thompson: Misunderstands the Separation of Church and State; anti-family planning and thus pro underage poor mothers; so he is out

Third Party

While in general I would like to vote for a third party, we all know it is technically impossible to have one win, even if they receive 100% of the vote... as such, I am not going to work out details for each of them... But here they are:
Jerome R. Corsi, Dale Thompson, Alan Augstson, Elaine Brown, Kent Mesplay, Kat Swift, Daniel Imperato, Bob Jackson, Steve Kubby, Robert W. Milnes, George Phillies, Wayne Allyn Root, Christine Smith, John Bowles, Gene Amondson, Earl Dodge, Steve Adams, Celesta Baier, Terry Barkdull, Don Cordell, Richard H. Clark, Orion Karl Daley, Susie Flynn, Jon A. Greenspon, Mark B. Graham, Don J. Grundmann, Bob W. Hargis, Arnold Jones, Steve Kissing, David Koch / Ken Goldstein, James H. McCall, Frank McEnulty, Co Martin, David J. Masters, Frank Moore, Michael Moriarty, Philip W. Morrow, Gail Parker, Arthur Regan, Joe Schriner, Jonathan Sharkey, Ben Thompson, Michael Tienken, Lanakila Washington, Lisa Weltman, Ruth Bryant White


  1. WOW! I'm glad a bunch of psychos are running.

  2. I got an email from Mark Hanley:

    The wikipedia site on RP [Ron Paul] said that the periodical "Texas Monthly" wrote that he does not take PAC money, which was shown to be false. It doesn't say that RP said he never takes PAC money. I can't find the article in Texas Monthly, so I don't know if the reporter misreported, or RP lied, although given his record, I strongly suspect the former.

  3. Thanks to finding this:

    Ron Paul to Appear on The Daily Show, June 4

  4. Well, it appears that McCain has finally ensured that no techy would vote for him: "he would ask Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to serve on his cabinet to deal with technology issues if elected"

  5. So watched Ron Paul on the Daily Show last night. I have to say, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Dino isn't sure she agrees with his privatization views; I am not sure about a couple others.... but overall, a possible candidate.