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04 June 2007

News from the Net

Ok, people may not realize this, but the government is supposed to serve us, not the other way around. We don't need no stinkin internet tax!

Oooh, and uber-efficient fuel cell... I still don't like 'alternative fuels' since they just move the problem instead of fix it, but advancements are advancements.

I actually saw this on the news this morning too. Putin thinks Bush is trying to start the Arms Race again. That's a shocker.

Oregon, among others, cowtow to M$. Not surprising since Ted Kulongosky accepts money from Microsoft. I sent a message to Sen. Ryan Deckert and Rep. Jeff Barker urging them to pass such legislation. Of course, scholarly journals are refusing to accept submissions in Office 2007 format.

Google vs Verizon and AT&T er Cingular er AT&T.

McCain has just ensured that no techy would vote for him: he would ask Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to serve on his cabinet to deal with technology issues if elected

Russia now owns the patent on AK-47s.

Elevator to space is in serious trouble.

HD microphone for laptops?

I don't know about you, but this sure makes me want to go treasure hunting, telecommute style.

Oooh 2TB MMC/USB card. Very nice.

Spinplasmonics - a new nanotech field.

Ok, if you have always wanted to swing around like Spiderman and become a vigilante, er Hero - then now you can.

Dr. Watson's DNA decoded.

How do you make electronics faster? Cool them down. Or make them out of diamonds.

I have to admit, I never had a clue - this is more info on heat/cold than I even remotely considered.

40% efficient solar cells. still not nearly as efficient as I would like.

Dell, Motorola and Circuit City are asking to be boycotted.

Does anyone else think that the Patent Office is a Drama Queen?

New York has made it a 'serious felony' to sell violent videogames... Sorry PacMan and Frogger, but you are more harmful to our kids than parental abuse.

Haha. So the AACS-LA (HD-DVD and BluRay) issued new licensing keys to thwart hackers - and they posted the decryption keys 1 day later online.

Computer Anti-Forensics is now a hobby?

I doubt I will try it, but if you are into WarHammer, Beta is open.

Thinking about taking an IT job in Germany? You may want to rethink that decision.

The Spam King was arrested.

Hmmm. looks like I need to try out Google Gears.

Oooh invisible ink... yummy...

Helium as the throttle to solar wind? Interesting.

MySpace incorrectly labels a woman as a sex offender.

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