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18 June 2007

News from the Net

The RIAA is so afraid of people countersuing them for their fraudulent activities, they are now threatening people who posts links to information about countersuits... like this one.

Sicko arrives on BitTorrent.

A new and unique particle has been discovered.

Microsoft wants to take over Diebolds position.

What kind of idiot thinks downloading a song from the internet should take precedence over bank robberies?

Maine takes a stand on Net Neutrality.

The Venezuelan government goes into Linux PC Manufacturing.

It appears the 1st Amendment is not respected in small claims courts... so if you are going to point out a judge is on the take, better make sure that it goes to a higher court.

Smart Cars coming to the US. Too bad it is so ugly.

FBI busted for breaking the law again.

You still talking on your cell while driving?

Mac's Safari browser available for Windows.

Mach 10 scramjet.

Giant dinosaur bird found.

See, this is how they get you. You don't want to pay for some stupid cable channel? Then you can't watch adult-oriented content.

TMobile prevents users from talking with VoIP callers. Boycott time sounds like.

A whale found from the 1800s.

What a shock - sugar can be used for energy. I think any kid could have told you that.

Hmmm. Bone networks. Seems like a cyberpunk version of Mad Max.

If you have ever been concerned with Identity Theft, you will love this.

So how long until we officially go to war with China?

"Kilogram" to get redefined.

Tim Berners-Lee awarded the British Order of Merit by the Queen.

Eris is 27% more massive than Pluto.

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