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25 June 2007

News from the Net

A CA bill limits implantation of RFID chips into the skin.

Here we go! With a successful quantum-NOT gate, we have the real beginnings for future quantum computers...

It appears that Goths and Geeks are both being labeled as terrorists now...

So who's really in charge of national security?

Google threatens Germany over new anti-privacy law.

Hehe... Found a tablecloth for Dino.

Ok, I admit, I have never heard the term 'hactivist' before.

Teleportation studies continue.

What happens when security guards don't let a 20-year old talk to YouTube? He gets paid.

Once again, Congress looks to tax you for completing a quests... How long until people start trying to eliminate Taxation like they try to abolish the Patent System?

Thousands of US Webcasters are planning on 'going silent' tomorrow in protest. Personally, don't think it will make that big of an impact.

Moon-based telescopes make some advancements.

The RIAA takes another hit.

CIA to let skeletons out of closet? How much you want to bet that many are edited, redacted or simply faked?

The USA has banned NASA from pursuing exploration of Mars.

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