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22 June 2007

Property Value

A couple months ago
This morning

Well fucking A.

When we went to the fire department to have a community meeting to discuss the development on the property adjacent to ours, one of our stipulations was that they leave the treeline intact (ie: the backyard privacy that we paid for when we bought our house).

A few minutes ago, I was sitting here and noticed that I could see a backhoe through my curtain. Well, that's odd.  I look out the window and lo' and behold there is no longer a line of trees against my back fence. In fact, I can see street signs on Farmington 1 block away.

WTF? NEVER EVER EVER trust developers to be telling you the truth!


  1. I say we make them put it back up. Lets start hanging out naked in out back yard all the time.

  2. mal mentioned that if you hung out in the backyard naked it would entice people to buy in to the neighborhood.
    now a group of fat white naked guys? that would drive them away.
    find out when the open house is and plan a pool party. the inflatable pools are cheap and easy to put in.

  3. Uhhh, yeah...still I don't want a chip implanted into me unless it is for health reasons...I think my boss having my cell number is bad enough.

  4. Are you guys gonna have a bunch of naked white guys out in your backyard because if you are I am certainly going to come by....;)