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08 June 2007

News from the Net

It appears that Vista breaks when using IPv6. Nothing like introducing new bugs with new revisions.

You still think that software patents are a good thing? Well, take a look at this and this. Of course, hardware patents may make 3G phones illegal in the USA. Of course, there is also those DNA patents. The patent office really needs to go away. Wonder if we can convince any of the presidential candidates of this.

Man sues Gateway because their EULA was scrambled and unreadable.

Now come on - how often does Slashdot mention Nikola Tesla in the summary? MIT wirelessly powers a 60w light bulb.

Touchscreen billboard w/ speakers... made from paper...

The Bush Dictatorship stalls Congress.

Bears enter the war. Well, robotic teddy bears.

Via debuts mobile-ITX, half the size of pico-ITX.

This might remind someone of high school reading assignments... They have found caves on Mars.

Hmm... SimCity 5 won't be a City Simulator? Then why cont.... oh, because the name sells.

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