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18 June 2007


So when I went to see the doctor the other day, my blood sugar was 40 points higher (after 3 days of fasting) than it was a month earlier (after 14 hours of fasting)... Then I was put on prednisone... Last Friday, I was tested again and it was another 40 points higher... The doctor called me today and asked that I see a dietitian, and said that I am not diabetic yet, but probably will be in 15-20 years.

I already had the dietitian info since I had planned on seeing her to help me figure out what is good/bad for UC (fiber bad, wheat bad, etc)... So, I setup an appointment with her and was told to call my insurance company.

It seems that Health Net will not cover Dietitian services unless I have been diagnosed with Diabetes. They said I was pre-diabetic. My dad is diabetic. My blood sugar has went up 80 points in a month. Oh, and I needed to talk to her about my UC anyways - but nope, no coverage.

That shit is whack, yo.

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