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11 June 2007

News from the Net

Let's see if I can sum up this story and the back-news relating to it... So a circular is going around about the Chinese government censoring. A financial writer sent an email regarding it. Yahoo! told the Chinese government. The Chinese government, in an effort to put an end to the rumors of censorship, sentenced the man to 10 years in prison. The man is now suing Yahoo! for it. Of course, the Chinese government censors all photos on Flickr.

Bug or cheating? Worth $1million for detecting it.

Robotic lizards to help understand mating behaviors.

Universities let Google scan their libraries.

Io spouting a plume of ash into space.

Oooh Homebrew Wii Games contest.

The Justice Dept once again shows that they are in M$ pocket.

Time Warner Cable not only throttles VoIP and P2P, but says you are violating their agreement if you don't let them.

Hindu students threaten cafes that don't block Orkut.

The Church of England sues Sony over Resistance: Fall of Man.

ISPs starting to charge more if you want your email delivered. Sounds to me like something the USPS would come up with.

Scientists think they may have found water currently on Mars.

Tell me how this company can call themselves non-profit.

TorrentSpy ordered by judge to become spy for MPAA.

Wait, I saw that StarGate! I guess we know what can happen with this tech.

Legal online gambling may soon be back. Then again, after not getting our money back when places closed US access, should we trust them?

Planning on making a Vista Media Center? Better think again.

Oooh courts have decided that Clickwrap agreements are unenforceable.

Brett found that the FDA is recommending avoiding any toothpaste from China, as they have poisonous chemicals in them.

Scientists have made major breakthroughs on understanding the genetics of diseases - and has linked some of them together.

Whaaa? Dungeon Siege in Theaters? Interesting.

This is kinda what I have been saying - once we quit trying to make a concrete jungle, eventually, things will go more natural.

It's things like this that give Christians a bad name.