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21 June 2007

News from the Net

So you think it is no big deal if a game is rated 'Adults Only' right? Well, actually that means it will never be on your PS3, Xbox or Wii.

It appears that OSI has decided no one can claim being Open Source without their permission. While maybe a good idea in general, I have a problem with it since there are certain non-approved licenses that are more open than GPL (say, Public Domain for example). Maybe we need to steal the term from their control.

An Appeals Court in Ohio has ruled that internet-stored email is protected by the 4th Amendment from warrantless searches.

FAA commits to reducing greenhouse gases.

It's all about the rhesus.

I hope you agree with Googles' point of view, since they are becoming a lobbyist heavyweight.

The RIAA gets denied ;)

NASA opens it's robotics software to the public - woot!

The Blackbird is finally being replaced.

More astronomical guessing.

Copyright activism looses one of its own as he shifts his focus to fight corruption.

Woot! 237 mile WiFi link.

Hmmm. Vertical Farming in NY?

AT&T to start blocking your internet connection?

Does this remind anyone else of a specific season of StarGate?

And to think these people are in charge of security.

Oh! ME! ME! ME! Pick ME!

AMD to quit manufacturing chips????

Google funds hybrid cars?

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