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14 June 2007

News from the Net

A student at Boston University challenges the RIAA.

House to vote on voting/elections bill.

If you haven't heard yet, the ISS is having computer problems after switching to solar.

Internet2 spans East-to-West.

The EU follows Hillary Clinton.

Oops, it appears we may not have "junk dna" after all. Hope you weren't needing that.

Microsoft gets another patent to charge big brother for. Vocal caller-id (without warning caller). Of course some other company got a patent on location-based searching. When oh when can we eliminate the infernal patent office? Maybe this will help....

AT&T has decided to work with the RIAA and MPAA.

$200k for 90-minute space flight.

Some of you may remember the Discover episode in the 80s when they hooked plants to EEGs (or what is EKG?) and they responded differently to water and scissors? Well, it appears that they respond differently to siblings as well.

You think you will be one of the million people the FBI will contact?

Some interesting interstellar stuff. I think I need to do a blog entry just about that.

A man in North Carolina is fined for using vegetable oil for fuel.

So once again the police show that they are allowed to videotape you but not the other way around. In the words of NWA, Fuck da Police.

Sony shoots themselves in the foot by targeting 1/2 their customer base.

Can't get funding for your research? This guy got private funding for time travel research instead.

More states tell Homeland Security to F'off (re: RealID). This time New Hampshire and Oaklahoma.

Oooh self-healing plastic skin... although, didn't we hear about that a few months ago?

RIAA uses Beaverton police officers to do their dirty work!!! And to think that we said they were corrupt for the whole judge lying and the cop saying that traffic laws don't apply to them.

Planning on blogging about some sport event while you are there? Probably not.

Interesting. US Intelligence budget for 2005 around $60 billion... Good thing no one wants their kids educated.

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