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28 June 2007

The children are home

Well, as most of you have heard us obsess over, we went to pick up our kitties yesterday. They are doing really well. They don't seem to be freaking out or sad or anything, and have been playing with us and each other. Currently, they are asleep on the bed with Dino.

I had planned on getting some really good pics of them, but last night they were more interested in exploring than sitting still for a picture ;) so we had to cheat to get a picture of them sitting still together. We'll get some better pics up soon.

This one is really out of focus but I think it shows their facial structure real well. I snuck a picture of them this morning (in the dark) but the camera focused on something else closer in the frame when the flash went off...


  1. My dad pointed out that I didn't say which is which... So here's your cheat sheet:

    Hermes - Male Brown Spotted Bengal
    Eris - Female Silver Spotted Bengal

  2. Awwww! They are so adorable! I'm so happy that you finally got them. They will be so happy with the two of you!