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05 June 2007

News from the Net

It seems the FCC and the Court are arguing over censorship.

An Oregon mother may be winning against the RIAA.

WOTC is threatening to sue over a patent that hasn't been approved yet (and shouldn't be since the technology they describe was used when I was a kid) - I guess Wizards wants to get boycotted.

Surprise Surprise - the Whitehouse was fudging the numbers to try to make us look better than Europe.

It appears that Titan may have an Ocean.

Some of you may remember the teleportation experiments based on quantum entanglement. Well, they have now teleported data 89 miles :)

Wow... 1.7TB of Mars photos released to the public. Most are 20k x 50k pixels!

Hmmm. Hardware-Software symbiosis.

Scientists found a more efficient way to convert heat into electricity -- convert it to sound first.

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