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29 May 2007

ESRB vs. Illinois

Thanks to Brett for finding this...

First paragraph:
When the State of Illinois was tardy in paying its legal bills after
attempting to defend a law that regulated the sale of violent and sexually
explicit video games, the Entertainment Software Association wondered about the
reasons for the delay. Now they know: the state was scouring department budgets,
looking for the $1 million it cost to defend the unconstitutional legislation in
court. Yes, you read that right—the State of Illinois spent one meeeellion
dollars of taxpayer money on the litigation even as the state budget was starved
for cash in other, more pressing areas. And worse yet, they spent it on a bill
which, when introduced, was plainly unconstitutional.

1 comment:

  1. Damn! That is really really stupid. I can't believe the waste that is allowed to occur.