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07 May 2007

News from the Net

The coin to the left was responsible for Homeland Security tripping all over itself, thinking that we were being invaded by nanotech-induced Canadian spies.

HP is to be sued again (and repeatedly) for spying.

You know what would be really kewl? If I got a 9' projector, got something like this to work with it, and used it as a giant interactive whiteboard...

An Australian resident who has never been to the United States is being extradited to the US. I guess it wasn't enough for Bush to take away State rights, but wants to remove the rights of all other governments while he is at it. Maybe not too surprising since Australia appears to be all about the censorship.

Well, it appears that even the NYTimes is acknowledging that takedown notices = censorship.

Oooh -- whether you call it an 'electromagnetic wormhole' or an 'invisible tunnel', I want it :)

It appears that Conservatives beat out the Socialists in France.

Before I forget, the News is suggesting that you visit OregonGasPrices or PortlandGasPrices if you want to fight the ever-rising gas prices... Personally, I am torn -- if gas is cheap, no one will consider an alternative.

Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act - I am personally surprised that Bush plans to sign it, since American Family Insurance only tested me for AIDS. Maybe he doesn't realize that.

It appears that Utah is regretting their efforts to force filtering of children email addresses.

Looks like people are starting to give up on Blender and move onto other open source 3d modeling software.

Haha... AOL (and AIM I assume) strips the end of passwords... So if your password was 'password12345678', they actually only use 'password'.

It appears that the US Navy is claiming to have achieved cold fusion.

Wow, AT&T decides to drop all VoIP customers. Not like that helps their landline services get more business, huh?

OOOooh - Nano-Light...

Remember us talking about how CNN was trying to make sure Bush got seen in good light? Well, it appears that bloggers have once again made a political impact -- they are releasing the footage as Creative Commons. Of course, Obama probably had more to do with it.

A webcomic author is investigated as a terrorist... Yeah, make sure you don't criticize the authority, eh?

FFVII inside SecondLife?

Did you wonder how Dino's credit card number was stolen from TJMaxx/Marshalls? (and yes, she did get the letter from the bank). In similar news, it looks like the TSA is next.

Looks like the USA and Brazil may soon be at odds.

Can some please explain to be why anyone is offended by this picture?

Some unemployed guy (using local stores and ebay) won $200k from NASA for his spacesuit glove design.

The US Govt is trying to protect illegal sharing of information.

Harvard Law to fight RIAA.... very nice :) Of course, Congress is on the RIAA's side.

IBM lays off 40% of their US employees in order to outsource to Asia. Wonder if it has anything to do with their new breakthrough.

Simple yet effective

A followup to the Digg article with Kevin Rose. They of course are talking about this.

OOooh. Can I incorporate this into my own AI?

More fun toys.... this time with power charging...

A PC World editor resigned when ordered to NOT criticize advertisers.

What's the latest news in really stupid patents? Breakpoints in your code.

It looks like I don't want to work at Google after all. Sucks, cuz I was really hoping they weren't evil...

Now this is the way to get good tech support.

Oooh. Live longer without giving up chocolate :)

A homeless man took out a subway and the internet2 with a cigarette.

This sounds like the kind of fuel cell that Oregon would have came up with -- it involves beer.

Oooh, Jupiter flyby.