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13 May 2007

News from the Net

Who would like a 'Virus Sponge'?

The French Government and Micro$oft join up to create a spam blacklist.

UK Researchers may have found an alternative to animal testing. IMHO, this is huge. Especially when combined with the new artificial blood.

First ever extrasolar planetary map.

So what happens if some company (say, like Viacom) sends a takedown notice to remove some content they don't own (say, yours)... Well, if it is hosted on MySpace Video, you won't be able to re-upload it anymore. Not like they would ever trust the liars at Viacom over their users though, right?

The FBI/FCC invasion of privacy is required to be implemented by tomorrow. Interesting since it (government domestic wiretapping) is now illegal.

13.2 billion year old star found.

This is important for those of you in the Portland Metro area... Washington State has banned texting while driving. I'll be nice enough not to mention any names.

Posting pr0n links is now illegal in Hong Kong.

NASA's latest contest is for autonomous robots moving moon dust.

Oooh. A Streetlamp-Powered Wireless Network.

IPv6 flaw could greatly increase DDoS attacks.

Get ready Spock, it appears Captain NASA is coming for you.

A bubble fusion researcher faces trial for fraud.

Google says that 1 in 10 web pages have malicious code on them.

Well, shortly after I mention the PC World editor resigning, it appears that he is back and the CEO has been demoted.

Scientists come up with odd way of reformatting text to make it easier for the brain. Give it a try.

Media Rights Technology is suing Micro$oft, Apple, Adobe and Real for NOT using their DRM. They say that NOT including their software constitutes circumventing it.

The EFF sues spoon-bender Uri Geller.

Where you using ICQ? I don't remember what my number was, but it still sucks that thousands of them were deleted overnight.

Let me guess, you read this and the first thing you think is, "at least it isn't being launched a year earlier"

You have a pacemaker? Maybe you should skip getting an iPod.

Cryptic Studios (makers of Cities of Heroes) released an open-source animation tool.

Wait, I don't get it... Why are Scotty's remains not in space?

Google Earth gets sound.

NASA is set to hold a media teleconference on TUE explaining that Aristotle was right.

If you ever hear the term 'Digital Consumer Enablement', don't be fooled - it is a marketing ploy to get you to buy DRM-infected media.

Florida may not get to have a presidential primary.

An online critic is thrown in jail for picketing a Scientology center after a woman died there.

New "Terminator" trilogy planned.

Shredded Secret Police files being reassembled.

Advertisers will soon be able to tell which ads you are looking at from 30 feet away.

Lucas to make 2 more Star Wars films? WTF?

California may soon ban Diebold voting machines.

Your kid isn't doing so well in school? Maybe you should move somewhere with a different height of ceiling.

Since my SavaJe phone is not going to be supported, maybe I should switch the the Sun phone that was ported from it?

In case you missed it, Kuntz pointed me to the Encyclopedia of Life.

Scientists think they have found the genetic marker that makes us humans instead of chimps.