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27 November 2006

News from the Net

Slashdot had a story about how the MMORPG I have been playing (Saga of Ryzom) is filing bankruptcy and liquidation and are trying to sell it... and how one group is trying to raise enough funds to buy it and release it as GPL

nnooooo! Why couldn't I know that buying today is a trend BEFORE I made purchases!!!

Ok, how many of you print stuff out and don't write on it?


Well, I guess this kind of legal maneuvers may prevent me from making a living in Jamaica on a normal passport

Ok, how many of you could pass up something called a HurriQuake nail without being curious?

Geometrically encode 256GB on a piece of paper?

Too bad Oregon doesn't require computer professionals to be paid overtime, cuz Siebel and IBM are paying out about $100M thanks to the federal class action lawsuits

Korea steps ahead of the USA in futuristic homes

I actually read about Pleo in my Make magazine, but it looks like it might end up being a hit

Looks like it is time for Google to get some bad publicity, since they are now preventing people from using Google Earth data, even though they provide an API to do so

Host internet porn in China and get sentenced to life in prison

Revenge of the Nerds remake cancelled

Reversal of Type 1 Diabetes confirmed

Remember the UK camera network that would listen for things like gunshots? Well, now they will listen for aggressive tones such as arguments

Amazon couldn't handle the Thanksgiving rush

UK schools decide to ban wifi claiming health concerns... Then again, other schools suspend students and ban all personal electronic devices to ensure that they can't use video to rat out the teachers

Microsoft files for patent to allow them do remove your legally bought license based on who the user is, where the user is located, what type of ... device the user is using, ... the date, the time, etc... hope you are planning on buying a new license over and over and over

Sony finds defect in their digital cameras

Mexico has a new Large Millimeter Telescope

Nanoparticles get regulated

Well, it appears that if you decide to run Vista Home in Xen or VMWare, you will be breaking the license...

There may be new breakthroughs in cancer research

Found me a new toy :)

Here's how to turn any metal black

2000 year old Antikythera Mechanism finally cracked

A New Jersey public school history teacher was recorded telling his students that they 'belong in Hell' if they don't accept Jesus... Ban the f'er.

New robot 'George' plays Hide-and-Seek

Stupid fucking patent office should be banned as well.... LSI was granted a patent for doubly-linked list... Now they could claim they aren't smart enough to know that they shouldn't have allowed it, but since the governments standards body explains how to use it, that seems kinda odd.... You might also ask yourself how some corporation can patent something in 2006 that has been popular since 1955?

WiiShop access hacked

More updates on LoTR

If you are running a website, you might want to know about this vulnerability which uses Google to hack websites

Library of Congress makes some of your rights legal again

Possible genetic breakthroughs

Robotic spaceplanes announced by US Air Force

2006 Machinima Festival report

IBM and Cray (who stole my money via SGI) got DARPA funding and Sun did not

OOooh. New solid state chip that converts between heat and electricity

Junkyard tires to filter water?

UK Police, in an effort to yet again reach 1982, start roadside fingerprinting