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22 November 2006

News from the Net

NASA uses Unreal Engine... Of course, their Mars Global Surveyor is likely lost forever... And yet they plan on exploring the moon and a manned mission to land on an asteroid and poke it

Creationism Museum to open next summer with all fake content

Firefox bug gives out your passwords, with MySpace being the example used

London police officers get 360-degree cameras in their helmets

Does anyone else think it is odd that the US, China, South Korea, Russia, Japan, India and the EU will build an experimental nuke in France... Why not one of their own countries?

Microsoft figures out how to screw you over and over and over

Cause for Cancer may have been found

A 17-year old in Michigan built a deuterium-fusion reactor in his parents basement

Police brutality caught on camera phone

If you visit Egypt, be sure not to blog about what you see, or you will be arrested

Possibly a major advance in Quantum Computing

Since most of my readers are here in the Portland metro, you may want to see this

Black hole found spinning at about 60000 rpm

Peter Jackson not involved in the other Lord of the Rings movies?

Second Life based Worm?

More progress on 3D displays

The RIAA (or Nambla) appears to fear counterclaims... In similar news, one defendant pointed out that they couldn't sue him since they already sued (and got a settlement) from the software he was using (kazaa)

European Cities are doing away with traffic signs

Well, the Optimus keyboard is finally being released at a completely unreasonable price

High-tech Public Urinals coming to North America

Googles new Click-to-Call service?

Yahoo! laying off 15-20% of the staff?

RSA Cryptography has a new vulnerability? Uh oh

Have you wondered how the South Park WoW episode was made

MP3 Player was used to hack a cash machine

Should humans reaquire the ability to regrow limbs?

China, the flip-flopper of censorship

Insecticons kill terrorists!

It took the Guardian 48 hours to crack the new secure British passports

A robot that adapts to damage? Should mix this with those MIT lego-like bots that can reassemble

Swords from 900 AD made with carbon nanotubes???

USA screwing over us Texas Hold'em players may soon invalidate all US patents

Kaiser Permanente is having major IT problems

Physicist may have found the way to communicate back in time

U.S. Air Force Starfire Optical Observatory, aka big freakin' laser beams in space shooting down weapons

An engineering student figures out how to terraform 1 km of Mars

Many Second Life businesses close shop due to a program called Copybot that clones other peoples possessions

It seems scientists are finally considering doing what Tesla already had

Crap, not so sure that I want to watch LOTR without Peter Jackson!!!!

Posted by Sarah on Wed Nov 22 09:13:00 PST 2006
Grei Raven
LOTR w/o PJ, not cool. Hope New Line gets their head out of their ars.

Posted by Grei Raven on Fri Nov 24 00:06:00 PST 2006
The tazering thing has literally made me nausiated. It's amazing that they were tazering that poor kid while he was begging them to stop and that he couldn't get up. I hope they enjoy their time in jail soon and their time in hell later.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Fri Nov 24 10:44:00 PST 2006