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08 November 2006

News from the Net

Dell customer gets refund for bundled Windows

Which is more surprising? That Democracts took the house or that there are complaints of voter fraud and voting machine problems?

Flikr patents using tags to label what you submit. Fricking idiots. Am I going to start having to boycott everyone who uses the Patent Office? In related (ie: Patent) news, NTP goes after Palm for infringement... Oh course, researchers at Penn State also applied for a patent that automatically recognizes objects in photos and tags them -- poor Flickr. Oh, and then there was more patent news with jpeg. Does anyone realize that Patents are not protecting the PEOPLE who actually INVENT?

This is kinda interesting. A new way of desalinating water using wave-power

Microsoft paying Novell

Sun finally figures out how to loose some of my support... They are choosing GPL for open-sourcing Java. Now that Java is going to die, wonder what language I should move to.

Every Windows Vista computer will have its own domain name for remote access

Here's some interesting space news

Hahah! India outsources to USA

You know, I never played Guitar Hero because it looked like a cheesy interface... But if Incubus and the Donnas plays it maybe it would be worth trying.

M$ tries to compete with Google Earth and Comcast -- oh, and Google itself

Now I remember why Hillary Clinton can kiss my ass

Looks like Adobe is finally playing ball

Australia passes law allowing for cloning of embryos to gather stem cells

Now this sounds like a real vaccine to me... AIDS modified to fight AIDS

As opposed to the USA government which is trying to force ISPs to collect all personal data for them, a German federal court requires ISP to delete logs on request of the customer

We've discussed how NASA's equipment seems to be crap... Well, to show it in another way -- their onboard clocks are not even as good as a Hello Kitty Teacup Radio

Ummm, OpenHuman?

HBO special against Diebold called 'Hacking Democracy' available on Google Video... This is after Diebold demanded that HBO cancel it

More E.coli computations

Verizon, the next frontier in censorship

So wonder what the latest news about the Republican party is? They are trying to frame Democrats for spamming you

International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition

Phishers arrested in Eastern Europe and US

Chat, blog or download from the internet without fully identifying yourself and risk 4 years of jail time (if you live in Brazil)... Looks like South Korea is following suit.

Code of Conduct found not-binding

It appears Mr. Burns may finally get his wish

Ok, here's something I don't understand... If you come up with a theory, you are the expert on said theory - right? Then what is the problem with you being the person to post it on Wikipedia? Would they prevent Tesla or Max Bourne from posting their own theories?

'Snowball Earth'???

Now this has some major promise... Using cryptography for voting paper trail

Nano-Optical Switches to restore sight

More hacking of your router

Saddam Hussein sentenced to death. I wonder what dictator we will train and put in power next

Considering that this was a topic of discussion on Sunday when this was posted, it is interesting to see that a dolphin with vestigial legs has been captured.... Anyone know if they also have hereditary memory like elephants?

I just like the name 'Rollercoaster Escape System'

New Windows vulnerability affecting all M$-based OS except Windows 2003

Who's got the nuke? Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE and Saudi Arabia all announced interest in developing it

Adware distributor fined $3 million. Wonder how that compares to the amount of money they made.

So it appears that YOU might now be on a no-fly list

Hitch-Hackers Guide to the Galaxy

They are predicting that the Oceans will be empty in another 42 years

So you think you live longer because you eat less calories? Scientists think it is because less calories means lower body temperature

The feds shut down the 'Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal' because the papers told us how to build bombs

File sharing legal in Spain

Wish I would have seen this before voting

PHP 5.2.0 released

Get fired via spam

Castlevania movie?

M$ Vista EULA prevents you from running benchmarks, decides what you listen to, and decides which spyware you can remove

Scientists can't agree on history of Venus


Viva Espana! Te Dije que Espana es mejor que Los Estados Unidos. 

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