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27 November 2006

Medical Update

Well, I had a follow-up doctor visit today... He showed me both my old X-Ray and my new X-Ray...  The ESWL was not a success... the kidney stone is now 5mm x 11mm....

He said that normally you have about 10 weeks before they cause permanent damage... it has already been a couple weeks..  he wants to see me again in 1 month... if it isn't gone by then, he's going to do invasive surgery...

They don't know what caused it... could have been dehydration as likely as dietary... considering my past experience, dehydration is actually a pretty likely cause...

Dude, if you need anything you can call.  I know I'm far away and probably like 30th on that list of people to call but hey, just putting it out there.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Nov 29 01:57:00 PST 2006

Thanks. I appreciate that.

To be honest, I usually don't call anyone when I am in the hospital. Usually, people only know because Dino tells them.

Posted by Malachi on Wed Nov 29 03:30:00 PST 2006
Yeah, it can be a hassle if you have a bunch of people bugging you while you get hacked open by some hmo quack.  I only knew you were in there the first time because Brett told me.   He figured I'd want to give my best, and he was right, although my best isn't all that stupendous.  It's kind of like a gold medal in the special olympics.  You're a winner...but you're retarded.  I guess instead I'll send someone else's best.  Might be more worth while.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Nov 29 13:02:00 PST 2006