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09 November 2006

News from the Net

Hope you don't want to play the harmonica

Salt Lake City turns sewer waste into energy

Ever wonder what tarantulas and chili peppers have in common?

Travelling and need a place to stay? Maybe you should couchsurf

A big announcement for nVidia's 680i SLI? Why aren't they 1080i yet? Sheesh

Vision restored to mice

Racism gets more attention from CNN scientists

Wireless nanotech sensors to locate exact location of power outages

Instead of buying a Wii for $249, you can go to GameStop and get some unknown Wii bundle for only $700.. WTF? If I was going to do that, which I am not, I would expect GameStop to at least be able to tell me what I am spending the extra $450 for.

France determines that Games are Art, and deserve awards and tax breaks

In order to keep itself honest, Google wants to make it easy for you to take your data and leave Google behind

DARPA to do live translation of tv, radio and printed material