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14 November 2006

News from the Net

Global Warming ((de)de)bunked?

100Gbps over Ethernet

Scientists combat Phantom Limb Pain by giving amputees VR limbs

It appears that IBM has figured out how to make money in the gaming industry -- supply chips to all of the next gen consoles

More info about the Moon

I'm not even going to link to this story, just show this picture

Forget taking morphine, take saliva

Ok, the idea that they taught Dolphins to sing the Batman theme is just friggin awesome :) I want to see a caped dolphin singing it in the dark :)

More Robocops built

It appears that the currently Republican state of California is requiring that you make a profit to enjoy copyright protection

This still makes me sad

You ever wonder what the first 'web page' looked like?  Hey, it was still a lot better than Gopher


The RIAA claims they are concerned with big technology companies, not with consumers... Ummm... Any computer-illiterate grandmothers out there want to argue?

Looks like someone really doesn't want you to ride the space elevator

Ok, here's your chance... Black Box Voting has asked the geek community to look over the voting machine software and give their impressions

XBox 360 HD-DVD hacked to work on Windows XP

Google Earth now has historical maps

For those of you not yet ready to give up your rock star dreams, how about a TShirt that is a working Air Guitar?

Now that Apple is in bed with Intel, et al -- they take a step back from open-source

Looks like NASA just approved space as a trashheap

Looks like it is time for me to sign up with Harvard, since I can get straight As

A mayoral candidate voted for himself and managed to get 0 votes? Wow, how amazing these Diebold machines are -- here's a hint Diebold... give every candidate a couple votes JUST in case they (and their family) vote for themselves

A 17-year old gets 3 years jailtime for accessing neighbors wireless access

interesting google news

You might be vulnerable if you use HP, Dell, Gateway or eMachines

Too bad this is done by Micro$oft

I could really care less about a ballpark but it is Cisco news

White Wolf merged with the makers of EVE Online! Excerpt: Conceptualization and early development has begun to bring White Wolf's World of Darkness, one of the world's strongest gaming properties, into the online world.

So, you've all seen YouTube videos of police brutality... Well, it appears that it has also caught the attention of the FBI who are now investigating the LAPD!!!

I know quite a few of you will be interested to know that Google is now helping do QA for this project

Nanorust to remove arsenic from water

New Zealand allows IM-speak on exams

Google used to diagnose diseases

If you live in the UK, you might want to delete that copy of the Anarchist Cookbook you downloaded when you were 10, or be charged as a terrorist

KFCs' logo is now visible from space

Grei Raven
because we all wanted to see a kfc logo from orbit. Are we trying to be the intergalactic drive thru.

Posted by Grei Raven on Wed Nov 15 12:23:00 PST 2006