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01 November 2006

News from the Net

Researchers may have found new information about SIDS

So what do you think? Is this scandal sponsored by Micro$hit or do we now hate Google?

Oh look at that. How odd. Florida voting machines aren't letting people vote for Democrats. Ok, I'll say it. Might be the first one. Might be the only one. I don't accept the results of this election - no matter who wins. In fact, I will take it a step further. I don't accept any current candidates - whoever they happen to be

HP acquires VoodooPC

PayPal bombed

Might have just found a way to reduce all those annoying automated messages I get... sue them

This is basically the CIA's Wikipedia?

OpenBSD 4.0 released

Ok this is odd... Evidentally, the guy who invented the lie detector and Wonder Woman was considered a crackpot/phony by the FBI, who still uses his equipment

What is interesting about this is the type of camera they made to do it

Wanting Lego's for Christmas? Good luck

OMFG! This is one of the most entertaining reads in quite some time :)

Fucking Taxes... So, Australia is now taxing people for virtual property...  Can I pay them in virtual dollars? Maybe ones that I code myself to disappear if not returned in 15 minutes?

Microbes found in the Antarctic could survive on Mars


So funny to me that I think I'm going to change my myspace name.

Posted by WILL POWER! on Wed Nov 01 09:31:00 PST 2006
that's great
"how did you get this MSN address?"
dumb s4it

Posted by Silver on Thu Nov 02 02:04:00 PST 2006
LOL, There was no voting many times do I have to say it? Even though a lot of foriegn governments have documented that we have issues with our voting machines......That means nothing because only americans tell the truth!!!!

Posted by Sarah on Thu Nov 02 05:32:00 PST 2006