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11 February 2010

Google Buzz

6 years ago I started using a service called Dodgeball.  It was pretty cool -- I could see if my friends were nearby and what they were up to.  A year after I joined, Google bought the service and I thought, "Yay! Now this will integrate with everything!".

Then Twitter came out.  I didn't join because it was nowhere near as useful as Dodgeball.  Then Google killed Dodgeball.

And now, Google has Buzz.  From a mobile phone perspective, it seems like it is pretty much a Dodgeball replacement.  From the browser, however, it appears to be more like Google Wave.  Auto-integrated with your email, maps, photos, blogs, etc etc in a very Google Wave type of look.

We'll see how it does.  I really liked the concept of Google Wave; but it's lack of integration with my normal email made it useless for me to switch over to.  Maybe this is how they get their foothold in your daily life so that you can eventually switch.

1 comment:

  1. it's an interesting concept. I don't know how useful I will find it though. especially since there are people in my Gmail list that I don't ever want to see in my buzz. :)