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09 July 2007

Update: Property Value

So, we have an update on our earlier Property Value blog entry. I contacted Ann LeMountain, County Planner 503.846.8131 regarding Project #L0500484.

In addition to giving me a copy of the conditions of approval, she said that it seemed that they were in violation of their permit. She had me contact Code Enforcement 503.846.4875 regarding CASEFILE: 05-484-S/AMP. They are going to send someone else named Ann out in the next day or two to check on it.


I.D. Install protective fencing along arborvitae/hedge areas that must be retained (see Condition III.F.1.C, below).

III.F.1.C. Consistent with CDC Section 430-72, retention/replacement of the existing fence along south and east site lines, and retention of the existing hedge and arborvitae that runs immediately within the site border, except where these will be displaced by required improvements such as streets, sidewalks, driveways, and the water quality facility (note on the plan each section of the hedge/arborvitae to be retained and each section to be displaced by aforementioned improvements).

Wish us luck :)

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  1. To talk with Code Enforcement, you actually have to call 503.846.8761