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30 July 2007

Update: Property Value

Dear Malachi,
I spoke with Ross VanLoo, Senior Urban Planner, about the arborvitae that have been removed at 1565 SW Farmington Road. He confirmed that 6' tall arborvitae would suffice and that they should be planted when the first house is ready for occupancy. The reason for his conclusion is that historically we have seen landscaping planted in the summer die because there is no irrigation on site. Also, I understand that 6' is what the County has consistently required.
I believe you mentioned that you are preparing to sell your home, so I can definitely write you up something that verifies the mitigation plan. If you're interested in that, please let me know and I can send it to you shortly.
I appreciate your patience. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Anne Elvers
Code Enforcement Officer
Washington County
P. 503-846-3831
F. 503-846-2908

Hey Anne,

I appreciate all your help. While it is too late to help me now, you might mention to Ross that the current mechanism does not really discourage breaking the rules. While they were supposed to maintain and protect the (30'?) trees that were there -- they are instead allowed to plant 6' trees (next to what I believe will be two story houses?) in their place... Those trees are significantly cheaper than they would be if they were forced to 'fix/undo' what they had done -- since a 30' tree is MUCH more expensive to get and plant than a 6' tree. It seems that, if you'd rather have 6' trees surrounding your property, you can just ignore the county requirements, rip out the old growth, and plant shorter ones instead. Am I incorrect on this?

While my house is only one story, the neighbor to the west of me is two story - with 6' trees, they are still loosing privacy that they were ensured they would keep. I have a feeling that once the 6' trees are planted, you will probably get another complaint from them (they are currently not contacting you because I told them you said you didn't need them to).

Do you have any idea what date is anticipated for the occupancy?

Our realtor told us that we should plan on putting the house on the market in November. I would appreciate if you could mail (15659 SW Jaylee St) me the mitigation information so that I can ensure that the Appraiser accepts it (might not accept email).

Thanks again,

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