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20 July 2007

Update: Property Value

Well, we have another update to our property value debacle.

I just got a call from Ann at the Code Enforcement office. They were in fact supposed to leave the trees intact. So what now? They are going to have "locks" preventing the sell (or was it just preventing the move in) of the houses until they put a line of 6' trees back in. Not as tall as the old ones, but at least it will be done.

On a separate note, our big purplish/reddish tree (see any googlemap pic) had a third of it crash down to our yard... I don't know if it was from them pulling out trees that were intertwined, or from the pounding that had the entire house shaking... Code Enforcement suggested we ask the developer to at least tow it away. She said that there is nothing that the county could do for that aspect.