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16 July 2007

News from the Net

What's the newest thing for alternative fuel? Cubic Zirconia!

Wonder what the latest cure MIT has come up with is? Cure for Fear.

Free alternative to M$ $urface.

Artificial muscles using carbon nanotubes.

Well, it appears we now know how to get the RIAA to back off. Of course, in some cases, the judge is on our side.

So does anyone else think that Georgia's new auto fuel crop will be hemp?

Indiana is bribed by BP?

Wait - why have I never heard of snail venom?

Woot! M$ admits that their OS is a Trojan Horse, SpyWare, AdWare, etc!

Giant Squid! How many does that make now?

Micro$oft wants to get paid to resale pirated media.

Court rules against Cingular in Washington for overcharging customers in hidden fees.

FBI Employees busted for abusing Patriot Act.

Very nice! 40 Gbps residential internet connection!