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23 July 2007

News from the Net

iPhone remotely hacked.

The RIAA convinces you to incriminate yourself. Good timing too, since we now see that you can get $69k of attorney fees from them.

Spy Squirrels

Matrix 0.9 beta?

Stem Cell updates.

HIV Vaccine ready for clinical trials?

So what happens if you go to a casino and win big because the hardware had faulty software installed? Well, you get tried as a criminal of course! WTF?

It seems that the FCC is asking to be abolished again... oh, what? are you going to censor me for saying that? Assholes.

The FBI admits to using spyware.

Well, you remember that we can now print displays and robots? How about printable solar cells?

It seems that you can no longer win at Checkers.

Multi-Gigabit Wireless? Nice.

The Bush Administration overturns the 5th Amendment.

Magnetics blamed for hard drive failures.

A true 'random number' generator online?

Biofuel Jets?

Hmm... Is this the beginning of the digital messiah myths for the age of robots?

Equation for a mobius strip just now made?

M$ patents adware... so can we hold them fiscally responsible for any of it Spybot finds?

Bionic hands finally hit the market.

Another alternative to LCD?

It appears that the USA has officially entered the robot wars.

Does this remind anyone else of Parasite Eve?

Finally, the SciFi versions of the female form can become a reality - MIT develops a skintight spacesuit.