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12 July 2007

News from the Net

Info on HR811 (The Holt Bill).

It seems that anyone can get materials to make bombs. Of course, what do we expect when we accidentally leave all our intel laying around?

IBM opens up some of their patent portfolio.

Evidentially, the FBI exceeds its authority again.

Water found outside our solar system.

An intact baby mammoth found.

This is a job for SuperGoogle! Actually, I just suggested it to them.

The Surgeon General says that the Bush Administration censored him.

Games Workshop / Warhammer is trying to get boycotted. I'm sorry, if you authorize me to make something, and then I spend $40k on it -- you better not tell me I am no longer allowed to do it.

Korea decides to start cloning drug-sniffing dogs.

Now remind me - why did I stop smoking?

Autism and Robots?

Sounds like Guiliani finally got his check from Bush.

Google acquires Postini.

New Hampshire tells Homeland Security to f'off too.

Too bad I am not running M$ Office, or I'd install this.