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24 July 2007

Assholes from the Net: Carl Church

So like most of you who have mothers online, my mother sends eCards to her friends. In this particular case, she sent one to her friend Dorris. Dorris then forwarded said card to this asshole named Carl Church. This was the ecard she sent Dorris:
Hello there My Friend

How are You doing? I hope that Your day is going great!
I have been busy and do msis talking

Love Your Friend Mary

He responds to my mother (who, if you remember right, did not send it to him) with the following:
Hi Mary,
I am sending this greeting back to you mvdf. I told you before and I am telling you again take tis card and suseyq and shove them both up your ass as far as you can. Do not send me no more dam cards you fool you. I have had all of you thay I can stand okay.

From Your Truely
Your Asshole

Now, while I can understand not wanting to get cards - sending this kind of response to my mother when she didn't send it to you... well....

I contacted his ISP... Specifically, I sent the following email to
As you will see from the chain below, my mother sent an ecard to her friend Dorris, who then forwarded it to your member Carl Church.
He in turn responds telling my mother what she can do with the cards. This kind of abusive email is against the Terms of Service, and I respectfully request that said member be disciplined and/or have his account terminated.

Thank you,
Malachi de AElfweald
Four days later, my mom receives this email from EA Games:

Dear **removed** ,

Your Electronic Arts Pogo account has been flagged for violating the Terms of Service for Electronic Arts Online.

Violation: Prohibited solicitation or advertising while on the EA Online service
Post messages for any purpose other than personal communication, including without limitation advertising, promotional materials, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or make any commercial use of our Service.

Message Log:
mrssage - id :313063153
Sent: Monday 07/23 18:18 Centra
your group name of your buddy list and click Send Message to all. Copy and paste this message
You can read the Terms of Service for Electronic Arts Online by going to the following web address.

The Electronic Arts support team is available at should you have any general questions or concerns about the rule or its enforcement in the game, as we feel it is important to understand the rule completely before returning to the game world.

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc. Customer Relations

I have now sent this email to

I believe you have been duped by

Four days ago, after a particularly nasty email from that user specifying where my mother could stick things, I reported them to for violation of the terms of service.

If it is indeed that user that flagged my mother, I urge you to pursue disciplinary action against that user for fraudulent activities. I can send you the original email to TOSEmail1 (which includes his original comments to my mother) if that would be of assistance.

Thank you,

Now, I don't know what resolution this is going to have.... if any... but, just in case I need to go a little higher up on the food chain...

Carl Church
home 740-546-4080
cell 740-338-7670
188 S Bridge St, Adena, OH 43901